Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fryeburg Maine Town Manager fired for among other things "exhibitions of moral turpitude"

As reported in the Conway Daily Sun, Fryeburg Town Manager Martin Krauter was fired for breach of contract by violating state laws governing Town Managers, Fryeburg Town personnel policies and "exhibitions of moral turpitude." Citizens, Selectmen and Budget Committee members have been critical of Mr. Krauter for allegedly withholding  financial information , public records and overall acting in an unprofessional manner.
Some specific issues:
  • $100Kallegedly  moved out of a cemetery maintenance fund
  • Free parking passes for him and his son for the Fryeburg Fair
  • Unchecked overtime for himself and other town employees
  • According to a quote in the Conway Daily Sun , a resident accused Krauter of “arrogant and defensive posturing unbecoming of a town official when questioned by the selectmen in a public forum.”


Anonymous said...

Good to see the Selectmen in Conway are doing their job.

Maggot of Malice said...

Moral terpitude.... arrogant and defensive posturing...this guy is a natural for Democrat candidate for the US House or Senate!

Anonymous said...

Who's watching our hen house?

Anonymous said...

Our Town Manager is in the last year of his three year contract.I hope he is looking for a new Spencer because he does not fit in our rural community.Chicago type politics do not work well here.You can fool some of the some of the time but not Moultonborough citizens, EVER. We always were on to you thanks to one of your Citizens from Spencer that tryed to warn our Selectmen.but they did not listen.You have outstayed your welcome.We have had enough!!!!!