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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Upcoming Week

  • Wednesday September 9th at 10am at the MountainView Nursing Home, the County Delegation will conduct a public hearing for the proposed supplemental budget of $2.6 million. 10am on Wednesday is not the most convenient time for those of us that have to work, and unfortunately it is unlikely I will be able to attend. The BoS have not taken an official position on this budget other than our reaching out to town counsel for investigation of our legal options. Speaking as a taxpayer, my position is to urge the Delegation to vote NO on this budget in view of the fact that we cannot get a clear answer on just what the money will be spent on and we are still awaiting a final report from NH DRA as well as the 2014 audit. We are sitting on a $2 million payment to NH DEAS who have yet to provide a formula for how our portion of the bill is derived. We can sit on it awhile longer. 
  • The School Board will meet Tuesday evening at 7pm in Town Hall and on Wednesday, September 9th, the Board will host a Community Forum at the Academy Cafeteria on N.H. Public Education and changes in N.H. and local demographics presented by Dr. Mark Joyce and Dr. Dick Ayers. Phase One was presented in June.
  • The BoS will host a meet and greet to introduce our new Town Administrator Walter Johnson on Thursday at 6:15 pm in Town Hall.


Joseph Cormier said...

Some reading material on property taxes, that have a bearing on the supplemental county tax; one of the 4 components of the tax rate.

"... DRA came up with the “three-finger rule.” Taking the prior year’s local assessed property value and covering the right three digits with three fingers provides an estimate of the amount of money that represents $1.00 on the tax rate. Covering the next digit would represent 10 cents on the tax rate, and covering one more digit would be a penny on the tax rate. This works for estimating both a change in appropriations as well as a change in revenues."

Sounds like the middle-finger salute!


NH DRA Regulations


County (add $2.6 million supplemental to total, of which $595,270+ for MoBo county tax)

Tax Rate
you feel pregnant?

Well ... it is Labor Day ... and ...don't you just feel pregnant with info :) !

Anonymous said...

Here is the "Cash Flow" analysis calculating the need for the supplemental budget of $2.6 million.


It is not very sophisticated at all. In fact, I would rate it as very pathetic. It appears that all revenue and expenses were simply flat-lined by month with a few exceptions such as the payroll in October. Why is it 50% higher than other months? Also, what is the $200k Special payroll (P/R) in December? Most people would acknowledge that utility bills vary depending on the season. Are the employees paid biweekly? If they are, some months end up with three paychecks versus two for other months. My assessment is very minimal effort went into this.

Fred Van Magness said...

It was plain that there was little effort by the county folks, as our Representatives could not answer questions about where the $ issues were when they were at the BOS meeting last month. Apparently they were as much in the dark about the numbers as anyone. Nobody had any command of the numbers....but the devil is always in the details. I applaud our Blogger for saying he would be against the proposal and would recommend our delegation voting no, although Ms. Crawford did say she would vote yes to protect the workers in the county from losing paychecks. But a yes vote does nothing to support the potential position of our community or BOS who have not taken a formal position as of yet. And having the Delegation session in the morning is just another slap in the face.

Anonymous said...

I suspect there will be a very large increase in the 2016 CC budget. The remaining bond money was spent simply because the money was needed to pay bills and was available. Does any one think the county finance department has a handle on how much money in total is owed? There is no reserve which every financial unit, whether it be a home, business or government, needs. Part of the supplemental budget is to pay the state $200k for a March BEAS. Evidently only a partial payment was made at the time. It is not far fetched to thing there may be other significant unpaid bills out there. A reserve must be built up. It will take time for the new administrator to right the ship.