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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, October 13, 2016

NH House District 02 Democratic Candidates to Debate. Republicans Refuse to Participate

I read an interesting little story in today's Laconia Daily Sun. The League of Women Voters had scheduled a debate forum for the Belknap County District 02  candidates on October 20th at the Meredith Community Center. NH House candidates Lisa DiMartino (d), Nancy Frost (d), Dorothy Piquado (d) and Johan Anderson (d) all agreed to attend. NH Senate candidate Charlie Chandler (d) and Executive Councilor candidate Mike Cryans (d) will also attend. Those who refuse to attend? All four Republican candidates for NH House district 02: Marc Abear, Glen Aldrich, Norman Silber and Herb Vadney. No mention of the  republican NH Senate or Executive councilor candidates.

I can't imagine why a candidate for a local office would refuse to discuss the issues so important to their constituents with their opponents in an open, public forum conducted by a very reputable organization. Just what are they afraid of?
I have heard of similar issues in other races around the area where the party and the candidates refuse to even respond to a request for a civil debate on the issues.
How can you vote for a candidate that refuses to stand before voters in a neutral non partisan setting, and explain why they should get your vote and not that of their opponent?  I wouldn't. It is a reflection of how they will operate in Concord, intractable on important issues and an unwillingness to work together to get things done.

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