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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, March 31, 2014

Carroll County Delegation Approve 2014 Budget.

The final budget was approved by the Carroll County Delegation on March 28th, 2014. The total to be raised from taxes is $14,334,920, and increase over 2013 of  $665,512 or 4.6%. This is a considerable improvement from the proposed budget  that originally sought an increase of 17%.  The final vote passed by a 7 to 4 margin with Rep. Crawford voting yes and Rep. Cordelli voting no.
The entire video of the delegation meeting can be found here on GovernmentOversite.com


Anonymous said...

I thought there was a serious effort to modify the amount of the budget that Moultonborough pays. Seems i have lost track of it...or maybe the BOS has lost track of it. Seems this should be an equity discussion.

Town COLA ? said...

Dateline: Moultonboro...Town Administrators weekly report:

V. 4.
V. 7.
Having approved the amendments to the compensation plan for the 2% COLA these now need to be funded through a budget amendment. Heidi has transferred only to those departments which appear to need additional dollars when looking at their overall spending plans (e.g. to account for vacancies and the like).
This is not county, but our town.. Where did they find a COLA report that says 2% ? My Social Security never saw that boost....