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Friday, March 28, 2014

Moultonboro Planning Board March 26th 2014


Disappointed said...

The planning board is certainly in disarray. Josh Bartlett did a fine job running the meeting. I did distinctly hear Russ Wakefield state that he spoke to at least three other members of the board about becoming chair. Isn’t that contrary to the right to know law? This working things behind the scenes needs to stop and as Mr. Bartlett said, he does not like doing things behind the scenes. I am now sorry I voted for Mr. Kump and Mr. Scott Bartlett as they should have told Russ to not have this discussion out of the public. I fail to see how Mr. Kumpf could be qualified to run the planning board with zero experience. I support Josh Bartlett and I hope the new members will see through Mr. Wakefields old boy games. In fact, I would suggest that Mr. Wakefield consider giving up his seat and let Mr. Punturieri back on the planning board. Now that would be refreshing and help restore public confidence. It was not a good start for this new board.

Get Real said...

What a mess! Only Josh Bartlett is qualified to be chair here, the newbies need to get some experience or else the PB will continue to look idiotic. Good for Joanne to stand up to Wakefield's nomination of an absent new member as chair, we don't even know if he can run a meeting plus he has no experience! Did he ever attend a PB meeting before his appointment as alternate? Should he have even run for a full seat? Russ Wakefield is a disgrace with his behind the scenes discussions - get rid of him! The Selectmen should revoke his PB appointment or they will look like fools like last summer with their phony PB trial.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if Mr. Wakefield has again violated the Right to Know Law by engaging in discussions regarding staffing if the Planning Board in a private session with other members of the Board in an effort to deep six Josh Bartlett.

The problem with Mr. Wakefield is that he has an agenda of his own that totally ignores the requirements of the law.

At the next Planning Board meeting, a motion should be made to ask the BoS to designate another representative to the Planning Board other than Mr. Wakefield.

Anonymous said...

What happened at the Board meeting is wrong.

Russ Wakefield as the Board of Selectmen's rep. is not an elected Planning Board member. He has absolutely no standing to nominate anyone as Chair. His nomination was out of order and should not be considered.

Let's Get It Right said...

The comment above, posted at 8:37. Is a clear accurate statement, and should be seriously discussed by the planning board. What's required is a consensus builder as the leader, and a person who has been exposed to the complicated procedures and protocalls. Mr Punturieri fits that need. Mr Wakefield acknowledged this at the end of the warrant article hearing. He said he would step aside and let Mr P be the rep to the planning board, so he could continue his leadership with the village committee. Mr Wakefield was right there....too bad he backed off...his " control " hard drive spooled up.....our loss.
Mr W makes great contributions...you know where he stands.. But he does not have the patience to be the consensus builder. We need him...but in the right place.

Totally Disgusted said...

Every voter should watch the first 10 to 15 minutes of this meeting. An education in how the insiders try to dominate the Town with their political tricks and hacks, even if the nominees aren't present.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious to me that Russ Wakefield is bitter about the outcome of last fall's attempt to remove Josh B. and Judy R. from the PB. Russ is proving to us of how M'boro politics works, i.e., behind closed doors and because of personal agendas. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Russ doesn't not hide his feelings very well and was very direct in why he did not support Josh Bartlett. Despite the strong personality, Russ is a very knowledgeable person who adds in a positive way to the planning board. I find no fault with his polling the other members as he has stated openly and publicly what his concerns were. I disagree with him on this and can see that Josh is more than qualified to run that board. The remaining members should think long and hard next meeting before making a decision. I am sure they will do the right thing.

Clarence said...

Anonymous at 12:26 said "I find no fault with him polling the other members"

Correct me if I'm wrong but it's my understanding that "polling other members" privately and out of the publics view is not permitted by the RTK law.

Anonymous said...

The time has come for Russ to remove himself from the Planning Board. His more than ambiguous role in the impeachment proceedings and the result of the "trial" that Carter imposed upon Josh, Judy and the entire Town, should have gotten Russ to extricate himself once and for all from Planning Board participation. Move another Selectman onto the Planning Board, but get Russ off.

Anonymous said...

If Russ is not removed from the Board, or doesn't voluntarily step down, he should recuse himself from any matter involving Josh Bartlett. That includes nominating another person as chair to defeat Josh's nomination as chair.

For BoS Review said...

Someone should require the entire BoS to watch the first 15 minutes of this video to determine if the members endorse the conduct of Mr. Wakefield and whether he should continue to serve as their rep on the planning board.

The response by the Board should tell us if the Board has learned anything after their effort with the Town Administrator to oust two competent Board members.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time Russ Wakefield has "gone off the rails." He has a history of this type of behavior.

Anonymous said...

At Town Meeting this year, voters adopted a Code of Conduct for Town Officers and Employees.

The purpose of the ordinance is to provide guidance to all officers and employees as to what constitutes a violation of the ethical standards all are expected to practice in the performance of their duties. A link to the Ordinance is below.


The new policy doesn't take effect until July 1, 2014 but it does offer guidance on procedure when the Code of Conduct by a Town Officer is violated.

Anonymous said...

Volunteers... we need volunteers ... Moultonborough needs volunteers!

You don't need to be 18 anymore. You can be 28 and live with your parents.

Take a little longer, you'll eventually "get it".

Is anybody else about ready to go out to the parking lot, and slash their wrists, reading these posts?

Russ was just re-elected. He's good for another three years!

Josh ... no flies on him! If there are ... they're paying rent. Sharp dude! For us boomers, that means a really smart guy ... cute too!

Rumor has it the two of them will be back-to-back on some kind of "ship". It's supposed to be for the public good! They seem to be able to talk to each other!

Let's start picking on Joel or Jon. They are the ones up for re-election next year ... if they decide to run.

Since this town is so fond of nostalgia and old buildings, (please, don't mention sidewalks)I'm going to take a walk, down memory lane, accompanied by some soothing music, and visions of peace and harmony( ya ... a dream).

I will not envision any TA, present or past, but enjoy the moment. You know ...like ...being a volunteer on a Moultonborough committee!

I want to mellow out, and get that Moultonborough feel ...


Calling the Kettle Black said...

When you have a Selectman publicly taking pot shots at volunteers it creates an atmosphere of wariness and intimidation. If you disagree with Russ Wakefield will you too become a target?

Russ Wakefield thinks Josh Bartlett doesn't have the "personality" to be chairman of the Planning Board?

Before Russ Wakefield criticizes anyone he should take a good look in the mirror and examine his own job performance. Making innuendo's and engaging in the character assassination of another Planning Board member is neither professional or ethical.

The town is fortunate to have dedicated volunteers like Josh Bartlett. Mr. Bartlett deserves a public apology and Russ Wakefield deserves a public reprimand.

Russ Wakefield's behavior has given the Select Board a black eye.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that Mr. Wakefield is way out of line, I am not sure that I disagree with his assessment of Mr. Bartlett's personality. I have seen both men become combative when they are disagreed with. I would also like to see chairs who will take a stand and do not choose to abstain from voting when they do not have a clear conflict of interest, that is why we elected them.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with Call the Kettle Black.
Mr. Wakefield has exceeded both the bounds of personal and public behavior.

His rants are obnoxious and inappropriate.

His sub rosa conduct is morally and legally wrong.

As a non-elected Planning Board member he shouldn't be nominating a chair of the Planning Board. He also shouldn't be conspiring with his cronies to run the Planning Board by proxy. It violates the Right to Know Law and it violates the voters of this Town's rights as we as voters changed the Planning Board from an appointed one to an elected one. The BoS gets to designate a rep, not a dictator!!!

Finally, on a moral note, Mr. Wakefield's open animus against Mr. Bartlett tells everyone that he should recuse himself from any vote on Mr. Bartlett's election as chairman.

The new soon to be effective Code of Ethics should be followed and Mr. Wakefield should resign his function as the BoS rep to the Planning Board.

Also, give credit to Mr. Bartlett for staying the course and not resigning in frustration with the Town's BoS and Town Administrator, particularly after this latest salvo.

Anonymous said...

Always good to check the regulations as according item 4 (Appointment and Number of Board Members, page I-1) to "The Planning Board in New Hampshire - A Handbook for Local Officials:, dated November 2013:
4 "...The planning board members may be either appointed or elected, depending on the wishes of the town meeting. There shall be one selectman or administrative official of the town, selected by other selectmen, who shall serve as ex officio on the planning board."

At the bottom of page I-1, "Ex Officio" is defined as: "'by virtue of the office' An ex-officio member has all the same duties and responsibilities of [sic] any other member and can make motions and vote (RSA 672:5). The only distinction regarding the ex-officio member on the planning board is that they may not serve as chairperson of the board (RSA 673:9)"

So it appears that Russ Wakefield may indeed make motions as selectman appointed to the PB; however, he cannot serve as chair.

Need to research the RTK law now re: Russ' soliciting the PB chair's position. If anyone has information re: this please post!!

Anonymous said...

God help us all

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that anon at 6:17 is totally correct as there is some dicta in court cases that limits the role of an ex officio appointee.

An ex officio member is a member of a body (a board, committee, council, etc.) who is part of it by virtue of holding another office. The term is Latin, meaning literally "from the office".

Also, while russ may be an elected official to the BoS, he sure wasn't elected to the Planning Board and now i sledding the charge against Josh Bartlett.

Usually ex officio members are hoary and usually refrain from voting or participating.

Putting the legalisms aside, based on Russ Wakefield's role in the attempt to oust Josh Bartlett, one would think he would want to avoid the appearance of bias instead of articulating the bias, as he did at the last meeting.

Q T Around Town said...

Obviously Russ had a vendetta to unseat Josh Bartlett from the PB. Russ stated at the BoS meeting that he wanted one more year on the PB. Not rocket science as to why. Who would nominate a brand new member as the chair on any board unless there was some back room deal going on? Shameful. The BoS should remove Russ from the PB and replace him. Perhaps this will come up during Citizen's Imput at the BoS meeting on Thurs. Anyone?

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

What if Josh decides to run for Selectmen next year?

There will be at least two selectmen spots open at next year's election.

Jon will get re-elected by a landslide, and Joel has decided not to run again, leaving a selectman position vacant.

If Josh runs and wins, he resigns from the planning board. The PB chair is of no consequence, in that light.

Then, Russ, Josh, Chris, Paul, and Jon will need to work together to keep the town from self-destructing.

Carter is paid to work and prepare town issue details, and provide, data and options for the BoS, to make informed decisions. His role is facilitator, more than moderator.

PS: I haven't been on the blog all day, either. The wife and I were just caught up on watching recorded shows and "Dallas" is the only one left. Couldn't handle it!

I'd rather go on line and look for some rolls of 18ga. stainless steel wire that I'll be needing.

Thought I'd pop into the blog while passing by.