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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Village Vision Committee Holds Second Meeting

In what may be described as an "Aha!" moment, the Village Vision Committee came to the realization that they have their work cut out for them in the coming months. The volume of information to be reviewed is quite substantial as will be any new information that the committee will require.
The process began tonight with two PowerPoint slide shows. The first was a Visual Preference Survey presented by Town Planner Bruce Woodruff with 65 pictures from various towns and cities. This was followed by a slide show of the committee's homework from the kickoff meeting  "to take pictures of places and buildings, here, but not exclusively in Moultonborough, where they like what they see or perhaps don't like".
Still to be determined is what the committee will define as the village. That was reiterated by Town Administrator Carter Terenzini as the next logical step before the committee develops a work plan.
Chair Ken Bickford opened the meeting up at the end to public comment before scheduling the next meeting which will be two weeks from today, April 8th at 7pm with the location to be determined.
Video will be posted soon.


Wrong Sequence ?? said...

Terezini may have the horse on the wrong end of the cart. May be best to figure out what you intend to do, before picking out the area to be affected.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"Terezini may have the horse on the wrong end of the cart."

I agree with Terenzini.

The committee needs to "commit" and state ... this is our view of "the village". Doesn't mean it's dogma ... just their turn in the sun!

What village ... old mentality ... reality ... nostalgia ... nouveau numbness!

Present "documentation" (zoning or otherwise)insinuates, if not outright defines, "village"(maybe too many definitions).

Maybe it is better to "pee in the wind," and hope not to get wet!

The premise is, Moultonborough comprises a "village" part and there is a "non-village" part of Moultonborough.

How anyone, can associate that part of Moultonborough, down by Dunkies and Crucon, as the same as next to the Country Store is mind boggling! Should we mention Rt.25????

There's talk, debate, rock throwing of "the young and the old" ... how about the brain-dead!

Not addressing the Committee. They are the hope of putting sanity, into the mix!

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

What if ...

... the proponents, and the opponents to sidewalks, saw some kind of mutual gain, in some kind of agreement? Sidewalks go in, but the taxpayers don't foot the whole bill ... if any, over time, with residuals going into the General Fund?

What if the some "establishment" wanted to build down across from "Dunkies" on RT. 25 ... you know ... where the moose roam ... not many historical buildings there; maybe Center Harbor Diner (Center Harbor ???).

What if, in order to build, with some thought given to entrance/egress issues, the "establishment" was willing, as part of the deal, to put money into some kind of sidewalk fund for the other side of town, in order to get the "rights" to build?

Kind-a-like the MoBo cable franchise agreement with Time Warner. It was signed in 2001 (Adelphia) and is in force till 2017, with renewal options. MoBo gets 2% of Time Warner's gross revenue (Wolfboro gets 4% from Metrocast with a 5% cap).

What if "the Town gangs" (if we were city dwellers) didn't mind "growth" in the boonies?

Hell ... maybe the "establishments", wanting to come in, might be useful.

We "boomers" wouldn't object to a nice new "Rite-Aid" or CVS or Walgreen. Might even get them into a bidding war! Some times, need some medication, after attending some of the committee and other meetings. So far it has been Sam Adams Lager!

Maybe a fast food place ... no competition to the many elegant restaurants in our area .... whoa!

Maybe a micro-brew?

Maybe a nudist camp? Wouldn't it be a hoot, to see some of our Selectmen running naked ... being chased by "pee-od" citizens with petitions in their hand.

Wonder if Paul's got a good pair of sneakers?

Anonymous said...

I just am waiting for some resourceful entrepreneur to start a business of wholesaling and retailing pot once it is legalized and this business plants their fields in the res/agr zone behind their retail operation right on Rte 25.

the generational gap will have a field day with that and the traffic will be endless

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Is this Joel ... winking at Jon?
We know it's not Carter ... smiling!