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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Village Vision Committee March 25th 2014


Time to revisit SB2 said...

Approximately an hour and 34 minutes into the meeting, Carter informed the Village Committee that the site study for the new gymnasium will begin in a few weeks. He wants the committee to be mindful that some or all of the Taylor property with the exception of a small piece could come into play.

Amazing that 176 of the 3700+ registered voters at town meeting voted to buy the Taylor property. Likewise a small number voted to approve money for a site study for a new gymnasium on existing school property or property adjacent to school facilities.

Many voters are out of town and others are unable to attend Town Meeting for personal or health reasons. By supporting SB2 the Selectmen could end the divisiveness that always come after Town Meeting when a handful of voters make decisions on big ticket Warrant Articles.

Perhaps it time to reconsider SB2 which would allow more voter participation at the polls and also allows absentee ballots.

Surly, ALL registered Moultonborough voters deserve to have a say in how their tax dollars are spent.

Anonymous said...

No they don't. And the few (along with TA) will keep it that way. Sorry part timers, just keep sending those dollars. We like bright shinny metal things. Oh ! and don't worry about that smashed cruiser thing....it'll all be forgotten sooooon enough.

Down the Neck said...

So may I ask this Committee something?
Now that you have looked at all those pretty antique homes and likely said "ooooo laaaaa laaaaa", where are you planning to put these? We have three quasi-town properties that are in disrepair (School House, Grange, Historical Society), now WE own another in Taylor Property. Are WE going into the property management business and convert these to commercial or residential homes? The Taylor Property will likely cost us nearly another half million to mitigate the hazardous material there and dispose of it -- lead paint, asbestos, and maybe a new well and septic? And, a new heating system because there is none.
Let's grow pot. Then we will have an excuse.

Money Pit said...

Rehabbing an old home is nothing but a money pit, I speak from experience. Walk away...better yet.....RUN!

Anonymous said...

I thought the reason behind sidewalks was to get the kids from the school to the Recreation Department. What I'm hearing now is the Recreation Department is moving to the Taylor property. If that's true, why do we need sidewalks?

Sick and Tired said...

We don't need sidewalks for 9 kids walking to the rec department. Cant the police cross the kids? Hire a crossing guard. I think we can afford it. Every town in America has crossing guards. Maybe the rec department can walk down and organize a walk back as a rec activity? The rec folks are sitting in offices while the kids are in school. Give them this new rec task. Better yet put the rec in the school and problem solved. With declining enrollment we can find space for the children.

Anonymous said...

What does the Recreation Director do all day during the school year? Does the town really need 2 full time and 1 part time employees?

Anonymous said...

Wolfeboro has sidewalks and also uses a policeman as a crossing guard.

Anonymous said...

When Moultonboro looks like Wolfeboro and not like a one gas station truck stop, we can consider sidewalks.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

There were several of us, spectators, at the second Village Meeting.

We got to see the pictures that were video-enabled onto the front wall; all 65, than another 65 or so, following that.

If pictures of all of the buildings in Moultonborough were taken, and the committee was asked … which ones do you like and/or dislike ... it would have been different exercise; and a lot fewer pictures. Maybe the present historical buildings don’t apply!

Make "it" look like that!

Center Harbor diner is in Moultonborough … is it not?
I didn’t see a picture of that. How about converting that, into a preferred historical building!

We could petition and make it look like the Mickey D's in the picture!

Some of my favorite pictures were the McDonald’s, the 99 Restaurant, and the Ace hardware. Those establishments looked like an annex to the Country Store. They were really well done, from a historical building, purview.

There were a couple of pics of a scenic drive with palm trees, lining the street (no, I’m not kidding). Those would be great; couple of coconut trees would do.

I didn’t see any funeral homes or crematoriums in the pics. Some of us would not object to a local crematorium. There might be a stench issue from the burning. But then again, there might already be a stench issue.

The wife and I have already agreed that when I pass (no, not wind)... cremate me … and just throw my ash(that's ash)over the Long Island Bridge.

We need to do a little bit more research on the laws and zoning regulations. I don’t want the milfoil committee complaining!

Aw common ...just water under the bridge, Bub!