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Thursday, May 15, 2014

CruCon Site Plan Revisions and Conditional Use Permit Approved by Planning Board

The new CruCon building on Whittier Highway is almost complete and in fact has received a temporary certificate of occupancy. When that property was initially planned and constructed, the building next door, soon to be the former Meredith Village Savings Bank Operations Center, was not for sale. When MVSB decided to move it's center to Meredith and the building was put up for sale, CruCon made an offer to purchase it , which was accepted, and the closing is planned for May 19th.
No use is yet planned for the vacant MVSB building, but the Planning Board was advised that the new owners would come before the PB "soon" with possible site plan revisions. In the interim, the use would remain as currently approved, commercial office space. CruCon proposed an access road in the rear of the property to provide vehicular and pedestrian access to the new building with the MVSB property which would party extend over an existing leach field. The MVSB building would be connected to the Bay Sewer District as was the new construction so the septic field would be discontinued. A conditional use permit was required because a 25 foot vegetative buffer along Route 25 could not be met due to the existing drainage ditch.
A site plan revision was also requested to accommodate a lighting change to the new construction. The existing parking lot lights would be automatically shut off after the building closes and LED security lights of lower intensity placed around the building would come on instead. In addition, a solar powered down light would be placed on the flag pole to illuminate the flag.


Building Tour ? said...

Hope Cru-Con has an open house so we can see the building. Would be informative to see the fire cistern, and the big fire pumps that feed the sprinkler system, and find out where the water is comming from. Also would be good to check the fire and intrusion alarm, to be sure it is wired into a 24 hour off site monitoring service.
Want to examine the roof insulation too...we do not want a brand new building like Rite-Aid in Meredith, where the snow melts off as fast as it falls.
It is wonderful that they stayed here, and are providing jobs.

Anonymous said...

It is an impressive facility and good looking. The town is indeed lucky that Cru-Con built and purchased here. There are now three Cru-Con owned buildings. The Sewer district makes all of the difference in the world when it comes to large buildings. The tow fathers picked the wrong place to site the village two hundred years ago.

Anonymous said...

hey building tour, you a building inspector? the property was built to code and beyond and thoroughly vetted by the planning board. the cert of occ will be the only thing that counts. It is also a very " green" building so congrats to crucon.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder said...

Some people think that building is pretty ugly, oversized and monstrous.

Anonymous said...

Geesh, Building Tour: I know it's hard to believe, but if people meet regulatory requirements, the insulation in the roof is not really any of your business. You're right, it's wonderful they stayed here. And it's the attitude that every little thing a business does in this town is up for public inspection and comment, that probably makes others think twice about staying or moving here.

Anonymous said...

Beauty .... everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is far better looking than the car wash and some of the other businesses. I hope those that want the town to get out of the 1950s like it. Personally, I would rather relive the 50s.

Cru-Con Open House said...

Posted at 4:11. No, not a building inspector, just a vol firefighter wanting to be sure all angles are covered regarding my safety. Talking " Building Code " as enforced by the building inspector, a part of Development Services.. That same code will allow Family Dollar to build a light construction, fast burning building, that some departments post: In case of fire...DONT ENTER..
This whole subject is not as black and white as you.

Anonymous said...

I think they did a great job, it is not an eyesore and the building blends into the background nicely. I applaud the owners for staying in town and employing so many locals!!!

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"I think they did a great job, it is not an eyesore and the building blends into the background nicely."

The wife and I share that sentiment. Especially, since it avoids "Village" controversy!

Broadband oriented business!

An employee friendly company.

They turned the adjacent building into an employee daycare! They didn't have to do that. Good business decision!

They purchased the empty Meredith Village Bank Ops building on their other side.

Wouldn't it be great if that building was utilized to diversify, and to attract other broadband-type businesses!

Speaking as a "boomer", younger folks, like "Millennials", might appreciate that. Might provide additional and attractive job opportunities, now and for the future.

Might provide them an opportunity to stay in town.

Is the town providing incentives for business growth, in "non-traditional" businesses?

Cottage industries are fine, and if they are to prosper, should be broadband oriented.

Other burgeoning broadband businesses, on a larger scale would be even better.

The "footprint" can stay small, with a rural character, but "town growth" could be had ... without the town, "Hatfields and McCoys", feuding about "old" and "young"!

Anonymous said...

An open house will be announced forthcoming to be held the last weekend in June. I would think that if a volunteer firefighter had questions about the building, they should pose those questions to the fire chief?