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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Iberdola Abandons Wild Meadows Wind Project

Following is a news release from NH Wind Watch.  
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Iberdola ABANDONS Wild Meadows Wind Project!!!!
SB-281 passes the Committee of Conference, on to the House, Wednesday, June 4th. 
Iberdola announced today (May 27th) they have abandoned the Wild Meadows Wind project. They state their concerns with the regulatory environment although they pulled their project from the ISO-NE Interconnection Queue on March 12, 2014 – the day following the local town votes (March 11th).
Today, after NHWW alerted one prominent NH media outlet to Iberdrola's apparent withdrawal from the ISO-NE Interconnection Queue, Iberdrola confirmed the proposed project will not proceed.

All of the affected towns in the Newfound Cardigan region voted with huge voter turnouts and resounding majorities to reject a second Iberdrola industrial facility in the Newfound/Cardigan region. Those votes occurred on March 11th of 2014; and one day later
Iberdrola apparently withdrew with no press release at the time that can be located.

NHWW is dedicated to conservation, energy efficiency, sustainability and the protection and preservation of our state's most precious natural resources. That is why the legislative and regulatory initiatives around the proper siting of industrial scale energy projects, particularly 500 foot wind turbines, are so important.

We are pleased that Iberdrola has recognized that siting these massive turbines in a tourism dependent area that is well populated is not a good idea as confirmed by the voters in all affected and neighboring towns.

For Iberdrola’s press release, read this story:
Senate Bill 281 – Sponsored by Senator Bradley - Passed Committee of Conference today and will go to the full House on Wednesday, June 4th as an attachment to HB-1602 (PSNH Divestiture).
This bill provides a framework for the SEC rules to be adopted per Senate Bill 99 (SB-99). The bill provides guidance in the following areas: visual impact, cumulative impact, public health and safety impact, sound testing, decommissioning.

NIMBY – no longer stands for ‘Not In My Back Yard’, it’s more appropriately ‘Next It May Be You’! 
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Time to Wake Up.. said...

Congratulations toN H Wind Watch. They were able to turnout a good percentage of the residents, so they were noticed. They must keep their arguments in the forefront, so people have the information they need to rule on this. Our federal government has been very misleading on the " green " energy program. It will not replace a fissil fuel or nuke generating plant....we need power when the wind does not blow. When the Federal subsidies go away, the free market will sort this out. This is not about " NIMBY " if it was not junk science Americans would support it. This is about more federal intervention based on wishes, not science.
Did you see that ethanol mandates are being cut for next year, by about 25 %. That too was junk science, designed to get the govt off the hook for shoving poisonous MDTE down our throats. Time to wake-up.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Excerpt from the URL.

"Wild Meadows had called for 492-foot-tall turbines. New Hampshire officials tout such projects as important steps toward generating 25 percent of the state's energy from renewable sources by 2025.

492 foot turbines ... what about the blades!

NH officials ... official what!

Important step ... ooops! ... "step in it"!

25% of state's energy ... let's play pick a number.

From renewable source ... like gas ... or is it passing wind!

Mt. Rattler said...

Hydro would give much better returns in this water rich environment. Maybe we should reclaim our lakes and rivers....just a thought.

Keep it Quiet.. said...

Mr Rattler...do not tell Washington about our lake...they will send a Zaar up here to harness the tide to generate electricity.

Mt. Rattler said...

Keep it quiet....mums the word.

Assault on Private Property Rights said...

Mr. Rattler, you can forget the hydro idea. If the EPA has it way, the agencies new proposed regulations will control ALL water on ALL property which means our private property.

The EPA is concerned with regulating not only rivers and streamsu but water in seasonal pools and drainage ditches.

Comments to the EPA on this new regulation are open for public comment until July. Members of Congress, businesses and those in the legal profession are calling this the largest power grab in history and an assault on private property rights.


Water, water, everywhere said...

The EPA would have a field day in Moultonborough!

Anonymous said...

"water water" can you explain your comment?

Watch the video said...

The EPA wants to regulate every puddle on your property.
Watch the video.


Real or faux threat? said...

Please explain the threat to our water rights, rather than pointing at videos to watch. Especially those from Fox news, hardly a reliable, fair or balanced source. Do you have pointers to EPA documents that would tell the story? The threats appear to be hyperbolic, but perhaps there is a primary source that would tell a different story? And in the end, let's not forget, the lake is owned by the State of NH. Private land owners still hold the rights to drill for their own water, for domestic use, and I doubt that will change in our lifetimes.

Watch Many Agencies.. said...

Real or Faux - Where have you been for the past six months? This grab is real, and more of a concern out west, as they are planning to restrict land use, for up to 1,000 feet on both sides of a seasonal stream. This restricts access, grazing, construction, and fencing. If you feel more secure when our " one size fits all " federal govt, regulates your life, you will love this.
Your thought of " won't happen in my lifetime " how about saving our rights for our kids ? It will be too late for them, if we do not step up to the plate, and hang on to local control.

Real or faux threat? said...

The west has its own set of problems, with overpopulation taking more water than is available and sustained drought that shows no signs of ending. I just don't see credible evidence that this issue should be of local concern, for us or our children. As for windmills, it is good to see local control win, however we can't hide our heads in the sand about power forever.

We Are Losing The Battle said...

Real or Faux....sounds like a typical Fox News Basher.. "" please watch the video for me ". If someone told you the book name, chapter, and Page, you would ask them to read it to you.
Protecting what we have...our democracy, our rights, our lifestyle has to involve each one of us. We must watch the federal govt, who takes our money to regulate us.