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Friday, May 30, 2014

Moultonboro School Board Board Reorganization Do Over. Oops again?

Okay, so at the April 8th 2014 School Board meeting, the Chair and Vice Chair were elected (probably  illegally) in a non public session apparently just prior to the meeting. So, the SB corrected that misstep at the start of the May 13th 2014  meeting wherein Superintendent Noyes ran the reorganizational meeting as a new chair , Kathy Garry and Vice Chair, Gary Buteau were duly elected in open public session. Chair Garry then ran the rest of the meeting.
The draft minutes of the May 13th 2014  meeting state though  that the elections were effective April 8th 2014, (even though they occurred 5 weeks later) and the video of the meeting does not say anything about backdating the election to the previous meeting. How can that be?
It gets a bit more interesting in that the minutes of the April 8th meeting were approved without amendments.
Picky? Perhaps, but think about this for a moment: personnel appointments were made at the April meeting. A trip to Rome, Italy was approved. Numerous other items were discussed and acted upon. Nothing particularly controversial , but what if there had been? Was there really a legal meeting held on April 8th?
 I don't think that essentially pretending that the mistake at the April meeting never happened was the way to fix this. Making the appointments date back to April 8th is equally untenable.
Too late now probably for any of this to matter, but that isn't the point. No one on the school board or the administrative team did any of this intentionally, but we as elected officials should always strive to do the right thing, as painful as it may be sometimes. These are all good people volunteering their time, all are well educated and many have been in public office for a long time. Why the reluctance then to accept responsibility? Far better in my opinion to just make a public announcement that the events of April 8th were a mistake and now we are going to correct it. Our bad. Nothing wrong with that and it would be a good lesson in civics for the district students.
Water under the bridge at this point, but gee, wouldn't it have been refreshing if someone on the board simply said "we made a mistake and now we are going to fix it"?

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Good Job Blog Master.. said...

Blogger...you've issued a very fair and gentle reminder here. Well done. I hope they give you somekind of a response to post. As they buy every student an I Pad, they should become aware of how to use a blogsite--- read by voters.