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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moultonboro Selectmen Meeting May 22nd, 2014 Highlights

  • A brief presentation by an MA student Aiden Conn, and science teacher Shaw Smith about a proposed Lee's Pond Project to prevent runoff from the Lee's Pond boat ramp from flowing directly into the pond. The runoff contributes phosphorous, sediments and other pollutants reducing water quality. The solution is to install two rubber razors to divert water off the ramp into stable vegetated areas called water bars. The BoS by consensus agreed with the project and thanked the students who will participate for their initiative and effort to help protect our lakes and ponds.
  • There was a discussion on the cemetery policy,  specifically the maintenance issues caused by the various decorations and objects left on the grave sites as well as the overall tacky appearance. Carter and Scott Kinmond will revise the policy/ordinance and bring it back to the BoS for purposes of review and public hearing.
  • Should the Town allow fund raising at the transfer station? We'll find out perhaps on June 5th at the next BoS meeting. Interlakes/Moultonboro Lacrosse is looking to raise funds and have had fundraising activities at the Meredith transfer station and are asking if they can do the same here in Moultonboro. Some debate about safety and liability, but no decision. 
  • The BoS and School will meet jointly possibly as early as June 5th at the BoS meeting or June 10th at the School Board meeting to possibly appoint a new member to the ABC. A joint BoS and School Board meeting will occur on August 12th with an agenda to be developed.
  • The Village Vision committee has requested mailing a brief questionnaire to all taxpayers. Cost and possibly additional venues to get the questionnaires out were discussed. 


Anonymous said...

The BoS should reject any solicitation at the Town Dump, not just because of safety considerations, but more importantly because if you open it up to one group, where do you draw the line??

Some groups are favored, others aren't. Remember solicitation becomes a 1st Amendment free speech issue and includes political campaigning, collections for less popular charities or political groups and finally unless the Town has a total non-solicitation rule, you can get union organizers onto Town property.

Avoid the slippery slope and say no.

Anonymous said...

There are already solicitations at the Transfer Station. Twice per year I think? The Santa Fund, part of the Volunteer Fire Group here in Town. They solicit. Outside the gate.

I agree. No solicitations on Town property.

Anonymous said...

Why is ther a sign on the Taylor property? Who authorized it?

Anonymous said...

Following-up on Anon 1:03 pm, who authorized the 'haying' of the field at the former Lion's Club that we all own? Who gets the hay? How was this person selected? Is it sold? Do WE get a cut?

Home Grown.. said...

Lions Club Hay-field....would be fun to know if the field was cut and bailed. A lot of money at stake here...according to our town engineer, K V Partners, each bale costs us $ 9.00 if used for erosion control at a project like States Landing Beach. Just think, we could grow our own...Just Sayin..

Anonymous said...

The town does not yet own the Taylor Property, so the current owners can put up any signs they want...