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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Two Additional BoS Items

Last Thursday, former Carroll County Commissioner Dorothy Solomon came to update the town on her efforts to convert two of the four vacant wings of the old Mountain View nursing home into a transitional shelter for homeless veterans. Last October, she received the okay from the county delegation to develop a plan and find funding. She was given 18 months to develop the program. According to Solomon, Carroll County is the only county in New Hampshire without a homeless shelter. A website has been set up at http://vethousecc.org./  for additional information.

The other item is that the MA 2014 Prom is in town this year ( Castle in the Clouds) and no money was expended from the substance abuse fund for transportation.

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Keep Em Alive. said...

Be a real good idea to block off the road up to the castle that goes in by the gatehouse, and use the waterworks road. Maybe even bus them in and out..those are two steep roads. At least snow should not be a factor..