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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, May 19, 2014

Village Vision Committee to Meet Tuesday at 7PM, Town Hall

The agenda for the meeting can be found here. Draft minutes of the May 6th meeting are here and committee supporting documents can be found here on the Town website.


Plenty of Land said...

Note the two large pieces of land the two schools occupy..
Why are we proposing to buy more land, while we have so much unused.

Negelence. said...

The map shows our town fire protection pond, on the south west corner of route 25 and old route 109. Years ago a dry hydrant was provided for easy access for fire engine drafting. This access has disappeared due to brush and trees blocking road. Wintertime, massive snowbanks also block access to the water. This is gross negligence by our officials, and must be corrected.

Ring the Bell said...

I can hear a great fire radio transmission: " I have the second floor of the Emporium completely involved ". " call town crew to bring lopping shears, and brush cutters for water access."

Against North Conwayfication said...

In reviewing the map and proposed village zone boundaries, I really have to wonder why anyone would want the Village Zone to go west beyond Blake Road, or East beyond the Public Safety complex and motel??? Moreover, why one would want to expand south or north beyond the 250 feet from the center line (on each side) of Rte 25 to further expand the commercial zone makes no sense to me. Expansion on Old Rte 109 and Holland Street should be scrapped. There is enough land and buildings for sale to create a "great village" if you could invent someone to come in and develop it.

Instead of expanding the putative village, the Master Plan should review zoning on Rte 25, west of Blake and East of the Public Safety complex to rationalize development of Rte 25 so that we are not all tied up in traffic jams and accidents caused by the turning traffic all over the still rural parts of Rte 25.

I for one don't want to see the cancer of strip shopping malls and gas stations making its way inexorably east from the Center Harbor line. It looks now like a burgeoning cancer of North Conwayification.

Lets have the powers to be do something constructive beyond the little ideas of sidewalks that will connect the dollar stores and will never be used.