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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Carroll County Commissioner's Vote to Censure Commissioner Kenney and Approve Funds to Seek Her Removal From Office.

Aisha Kenney is once again at the forefront of the Carroll County Commissioner's news worthiness, but not in a good way.  She continues to make a fool of herself and cost the county considerable money ( with more to come I'm sure) and also has caused the commissioner's office to spend more time dealing with her tirades and baseless accusations than the business of the county. Her latest fiasco was to accuse a county employee's daughter of being a prostitute.
Following is from today's edition of the Conway Daily Sun which covers in detail the events that occurred at yesterday's Carroll County Commissioner's meeting. 
"In the course of this tirade, Mrs. Kenney stated that I have a twin sister who is in prison for life on death row for murdering her mother-in-law by stabbing her in the neck," said Newlin (Debra Newlin is a county employee who works in the HR department). "Mrs. Kenney went so far as to show staff members a picture she had on her cell phone, which she claimed is a picture of my twin, and asked 'see, doesn't it look just like her?' Mrs. Kenney then told staff that she is afraid to have me upstairs and afraid of what I might do. She further claimed that my husband got me pregnant at the same time his ex-wife was pregnant. She stated that I also have a brother who is no good. She then stated that I have a daughter working as a prostitute in California."
Kenney is the poster child for why voters need to look carefully at each candidate rather than just voting along party lines. She has six months left on her term, and then the circus will have left town, but until then she can and has caused a lot of damage. Lawsuits I am sure will be coming. 

A plea then to Commissioner Kenney: if you won't resign, just stay away for six months and do whatever it is you do when not in Ossipee. Stay out of the county buildings and don't attend the meetings. In that way you  will finally do some good for Carroll County. 

 Read Daymon Steer's excellent coverage  linked above for the full story.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It's hard to believe that someone as irrational as this cannot be removed for the good of the governing body. It was hard to read the article...she sounds dangerous!

The Same Rules Should Apply said...

She can't be anymore dangerous then the guy that presently resides in the White House. He doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

It should be an easier task to get rid of the local one.

Mellisa Seamans said...

The Conway Daily Sun June 6 edition has another front page story as well as a letter to the editor from Kenney. One highlight from the article... ""Kenney said she heard gossip about Newlin but denied starting or spreading it. 'I feel sorry for her problems in life but have nothing to do with them, they come from her,' said Kenney of Newlin."

The implosion intensifies....

John Reason said...

Your comparison of Asha and Obama is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Thank you John. I agree completely. Very dumb.