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Sunday, June 29, 2014

" Forever in Moultonborough"

I attended the grand opening reception Saturday evening at the new CruCon world headquarters building right here in Moultonboro and it was quite an experience. Guests were taken on a tour of the building which includes an employee gym with locker and showers, a full commercial kitchen, an auditorium seating about 100 people with video teleconferencing and a "zen garden" for employees to relax and relieve stress. Future plans are to convert the recently purchased Meredith Village Savings Bank building next store into an employee day care center with a renovation of the exterior to match the new building and along with the building on the other side ( 87 Whittier Highway) also recently purchased, turn the area into a CruCon campus. It is truly a self sufficient operation.  $111 million in sales in 2013, quite impressive from a company started in a basement in Boston by two women 19 years ago.
CruCon owner Sandy Cleary welcoming the attendees

Employee Gym
Back to the title of this post though, as that is the best part of the story in my opinion. "Forever in Moultonborough" was the highlight of the evening as the CruCon team showed off their new digs and owner Sandy Cleary explained how they got from that basement in Boston to their " forever in Moultonborough" new facility.
CruCon is a perfect example of what can be possible: a low impact business that brings good jobs to the town.  An ongoing challenge in our community and the lakes region as a whole, has been good jobs for people who grew up here so that they can stay here if they choose.
 CruCon took advantage of an opportunity and now a globally recognized company has made Moultonboro it's "forever" home. When you think about it, how perfect is that area in Center Harbor for businesses like CruCon that want to take advantage of not only our low tax rate, but also the existing infrastructure such as sewer and high speed internet access, not to mention living and working in the lakes region?
That entire area near Center Harbor can be a place for businesses to come grow and flourish no matter where they currently are located. In speaking with our Town  Planner at the CruCon event,  I agree with his assessment that this part of town has been neglected. It can become a commercial hub and attract meaningful employers.
We're not there yet of course, but there is certainly cause to be optimistic about the future of that part of town and the economy in the lakes region in general. We now have a potential "anchor" type business in town and I hope it will become a magnet for similar types of businesses.


Anonymous said...

The tax rate won't be all that low after the Recreation Department gets done with it.

Hippocrates said...

Oh, sure. A $100 million dollar company.
But the two had to start somewhere.
But yoose guys are all against a simple donut shop start up.
The shist hit the fan on that little start up.
Heaven forbid Moultonborough gets another donut shop.
Let's put every road block ever imagined in front of that donut shop.
Dunkin Donuts started with one shop you know !

You're Kidding said...

Oh, come on! There's no comparing the two sites. CruCon is in the commercial zone with access to public sewer and plenty of parking.

The proposed Cup & Crumb is on a substandard lot, in a residential neighborhood, has private sewer & water and minimal parking. You now darn well overflow parking will end up on route 109 and Old 109 creating a hazzard. The Cup & Crumbs location is poorly suited for this kind of a business and will be a nusiance to the immediate neighborhood.

Tax Man said...

I too went to the event and tour but on Sunday. It is good to see a company expanding-growing and even flourishing in this anemic economy. Sadly Washington's present administration is about to apply INCOME TAX to the meals provided and childcare benefits (and probably the quiet room as well). How's that old saw go...?
Tax his land, tax his wage,
Tax his bed in which he lays,
Tax his tractor, tax his mule,
Teach him TAXES is the rule

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Toured on Saturday ... impressive ... the building and the business mindset!

This section of town (not "the village")is where the Master Plan should be concentrated.

Growth in that area would help define "the village area"; an evolutionary process, not a nostalgic episode. It might even have the potential of closing the MoBo generation gap (that is national as well).

The "village" is going to stay status quo, for the foreseeable future. There are no real impetuses for change, except a few parochial "would love to haves".

The Center Harbor Diner (that is in MoBo), another business in that area is going to "renew". Might be ahead of the curve ... not to provide a great expanse of jobs, but, maybe, cater to those companies that could.

There's talk of attracting business that could employ the youth ... like High Tech. Buy them books, give them computers, and expect them to stay in MoBo? Where are the opportunities ... in MoBo?

They have their own culture and aspirations ... as do any/all youth generations.

What is the town doing to attract businesses that have low footprint impact; e.g., broadband based?

Ancillary business will follow.

Maybe MoBo is still wrestling with keeping MoBo a small charming village.

Yes, keep the village quaint and charming ... but that doesn't mean the TOWN, not VILLAGE, has to remain stagnant!

Anonymous said...

Cup and Crumb minimal parking? get real it was ok to block the fire lanes and access to the other store fronts at the old cru con? They were parked all over the place and not one board member, police or fire chief thought it was a nuisance or illegal according to zoning laws? Sounds more like an issue with individual owners not the business. Is it legal to stock pile hundreds of cords of firewood behind subway with out a change of use permit? Or is this another owner who we look the other way with. Either treat all equal or step down from the jobs not being done properlt.

Common Sense said...

To anonymous 9:54, CruCon was having their "grand opening", nice that so many turned out for the celebration. Doubt parking will become an issue with CruCon in the future. Parking is sure to become an issue with the Cup & Crumb.

Klerk-fi-cation. said...

The 9:54 post refered to the parking congestion across Rt 25 at the old Cru-con location. It is a point well taken.

For Competent Planning and Engineering said...

While Cru Con maybe a good addition, the traffic concept is deficient. Too many entrances and exits, and while a rudimentary effort was made to have a service road, it was not well thought out.

Rte 25 at that point has enough of a Right of Way to build service roads on both sides of the main road and to limit access to one or two points so that through traffic is not interfered with. That should be the objective and Rte 25 should be re-striped to provide for a third lane for left turns and reentry. This would enhance safety and traffic flow.

It is not too late to clean this area up with proper access planning so that it would replicate the Tedeschi/Dollar General traffic and accident prone intersection. L.

Pig Needs Lipstick.. said...

Competent Planning and Engineering.....this is State road and only the state can touch it..ride further east on Rt 25 and look at what the state did with a $ million $ fixing Fox Hollow intersection....doesn't work, and UGLY... Perhaps Stephens Landscaping could beautify that corner as a public service, and free advertising..

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Road Law in NH is complicated, and RT. 25 access cannot be dismissed because Rt. 25 is a state road. There are boundaries involved, physical and legal. The town does have some statutory authority regarding roads.

A good book, "A Hard Road To Travel," should be considered a primer on the subject. H. Bernard Waugh, Jr., the author, is a respected authority on the subject matter. You can get it at NHMA.

There are always State Statutes:


Moultonboro Blogger said...

The planning board gave a lot of thought to the CruCon traffic issue but much was decided by NH DOT. The NH DOT made the decision to move the driveway to align directly across Rt 25 to the stores across the road. The area was originally designed to have access roads on both sides of rt 25 with very limited curb cuts to help control traffic turning in and out. The impact by employees of Crucon to rt 25 traffic should not be significant. This is not a drive up type of business and is very self contained.