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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Former Businessman is Running for the State House.

Nick Vazzana Announces Candidacy for the State House

Nicholas “Nick” Vazzana, a resident of Sandwich has thrown his hat into the ring to run for the State House of Representatives in Carroll County’s Fourth District, which includes Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro. Announcing his candidacy as a Democrat, Vazzana noted, “If New Hampshire is to enjoy a prosperous future, we must recognize that state government is the catalyst that raises our standard of living and helps people and businesses succeed.
A former software entrepreneur, Mr. Vazzana founded and was C.E.O. of MDC, Inc, a New York corporation, for over 25 years. Doing business as Orange Cherry Software and New Media Schoolhouse, the company created and sold educational software programs to nearly all school districts in the United States. Time Traveler CD and Rainforest Explorer, the company’s best-known titles, were also sold in the world retail market, and translated in various foreign languages, including Mandarin Chinese. Enjoying high growth and excellent profit margins, the company was sold to a larger public corporation in 1999.
Vazzana said he wants to use his business prospective to help expand state initiatives to bring jobs and investment into the region that are crucial to rebuilding the local economy.
“We have to act to provide a vibrant infrastructure,” he said, “that will support business expansion that brings more income to New Hampshire’s working families.
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Still Waiting said...

Thank goodness...a democrat to our rescue..I will not have to do it by myself anymore...the state is going to do it for me..

He Makes It Clear.. said...

Nick has a good letter in this weeks Meredith News. He is a democrats democrat. Has a long list of what the state should do for us, but no mention of how to pay for it.

Nick Blogs...That's Good said...

Nick gets my vote...he has shown that he knows how to post on a blog-site, and has reached 500 people. This is truly making yourself available to the people, and should be a requirement for any candidate, or town elected official or employee. Thanks Nick

Cradle To Grave..A No No said...

State government is the catalyst that raises our standard of living and helps people and businesses succeed.
The wisdom above is the mantra of our Demo friends. Must be tied to Gov Hassan's visit to Turkey....helping people and businesses.
When will they learn that state government should concentrate on projects towns can not do by themselves, or things the state can do better or cheaper. When they try to be all things to all people, it is a disaster. Looking back over the past 5 years, how can you defend big government?