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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meetings this week

The Village Vision Committee will regroup this coming Tuesday at 7pm in Town Hall. The agenda can be found here. The minutes of the previous meeting with an attachment from KV Partners on Small Community On-Site Wastewater Systems can be found here.

The Zoning Board will meet on Wednesday at 7:30PM. The agenda can be found here.

The BoS will meet this Thursday at 7pm in a regular business meeting. Agenda should be out in the next few days.

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Good Read... said...

Be sure to see the town website and read the Town Administrators weekly report. He references the Brantley report, done by our last town fellow, that calls for combining some school functions with our Rec Dept....especially joining the after school program. It would be good to re-run that report here, as it is complete with facts, statistics and graphs and conclusions. For some reason it was not well distributed when written..
While our T A says he considers this to be a settled matter...and will not revisit it....rest assured, it is not a settled matter. Many committees need to review this.