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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moultonboro Conservation Commission June 2nd 2014


Good Meeting.. said...

An interesting meeting....the first hour was a narrative by a Meredith gentleman about the Meredith purchase of Page Pond. He outlined the driving purpose for the purchase, and the multiple money sources. He also touched on land they have secured to protect their lake Waukwan drinking water supply. The last half hour discussed a piece of land in Moultonboro the commission might conserve. While it fronts on a river, and a pond, only the mechanics of the purchase were discussed. There was no compelling reason given for this purchase.

Bill Gassman said...

In the May ConCom meeting, the compelling reasons to conserve this land forever were discussed by using a 12 point land criteria rating sheet. It scored 21 out of a possible 36. The property has high value in protecting shoreline and river frontage, watersheds and wildlife corridors, and is big enough to matter. It scored at medium value for scenic vistas, few use restrictions and complexity to acquire. Unfortunately, it scored low on funding sources.

At a special open ConCom meeting this Thursday (June 12) at 1PM, will be a discussion with a consultant that specializes in developing private/public partnerships for purchasing conservation land.

Well Meaning, I Suppose.. said...

Any proposed land purchase would have to be approved at town meeting. This will give us time to determine the logic of a proposed purchase. Funny, this meeting contained a passing reference to the rejected Mud Pond purchase, that one of the reasons was using it for a wetlands swap so the baseball field at Playground Drive could be expanded. A bit deeper then " Protect The Headwaters of Salmon Meadow Cove...

Conservation for All.. said...

The May Conservation Commision Minutes identify this parcel as 37 acres, along red Hill River, up to south edge of Rt 25, and then south to 3800 feet of frontage on Lee Pond. Screen up EggMaps HD, find Lee Pond, up behind Lees Mills, then follow the Red Hill River up to Rt 25.
The actual sattelite view shows acres of mud, muck and quagmire where the river drains into Lee Pond. With all the shoreline and wetland rules, this area is not prime, or possible, for development. Note Lee Pond is held back from the big lake by a 10 foot dam.
Would be better if Conservation could find Winni lakefront to conserve, and allow public acess. Given our shore front, the public acess is pitiful..

Anonymous said...

The ones that would profit most from the purchase of this property are the people that live on Lees Pond.
They seem to have the most interest in it. Does Lees Pond have an association? perhaps they should look into purchasing it.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, now that states Landing is a town focus, people will have that beach and access to the lake, as well as the L.I. beach.

Doing It Backwards ?? said...

Many support the Conservation Commision, but it would have more backing if they were proactive, define uses, location, and goals for a piece of land, then look for the land that fits.. The approach that hurts their reputation is the time spent developing uses, and causes for a piece of land presented to them by a local owner, or realator, who wants out.
Why are we here? THE LAKE.. What do we worry about? The kids can not stay, or do not want to. Let's give them a reason to stay...give them a taste of the lake..canoe and kyack launch ramps, and parking. This is a worthwhile goal for the Con Com. They can prove they are green, and help people too.

Moult Mission Creep.. said...

ANON - Posted at 3:05... States landing beach, we are in danger of " Moultonboro Mission Creep ". It is waterfront, and one of a few we have in public acess. It is small, 7 AC with less then half usable, and should be used for water related uses. The " Man Who Can't Say No " has agreed with 30 different people, with 30 different ideas, and wants Horse Shoes, Volley Ball Net, Kiddies Playground, Shelters, a Dog Park, kiddie swimming pool, picnic tables and Bar-Be-Que pits.. HEY..it is waterfront..put the rest of the stuff elsewhere.. His take on boat trailers...your on your own, take them elsewhere. Need some focus here, and some good old boy judgement. We do not want Rye Beach...no room.

Self Interest said...

Conflict of interest? There are at least 3 members on the Conservation Commission that live on Lee's Pond. Anonymous has it right. Let the folks on Lee's Pond buy it.

Anonymous said...

Agenda 21 at work

Clean Water ? said...

Hello Bill Gassman...you are setting probes, including a pair on Shannon Brook. Will they be positioned to detect possible septic system failure? Do they record markers that indicate possible Coliform bacteria?
Your water quality consultant mentioned actual water sampling. Will this be done at a location that can assure us about the water quality at States Landing Beach?
Thanks so much for the volunteer work you do for this town, and thanks so much for sharing the information..

Sick and Tired said...

Here we go again. The "Beautiful People" pushing an agenda.

How many instances have we seen in the past few years of folks on Boards or Committees in this sleepy little Town that all of a sudden for the sake of the children, for the environment, or for who knows what, will push to have the Town pay for their swamp, their asbestos-lead paint house, or their crap wetlands? Or, have the Town fix an intersection so that area wooded and can be developed. Trace the homeownership of these wonderful bargains for the sake of whatever, and see where it takes you. Disgrace.
The Town should not be in the real estate business. We should not buy wetlands. We should not buy swamps. There are plenty of non-profits and conservation groups that do this with donations. NOT taxpayer money.

We Are Getting There.. said...

Sick & Tired.. Had we looked further to see who was in the closet for the PlanningBoard Smear Committee, we might have been able to identify one who knows the system, and works the system.
Kudos to this blogsite..it is much harder to grow mushrooms around here. The sunlight it shines on convoluted deals is priceless - a real disinfectant.
The ethics handbook takes effect next month. Hope it calls for full disclosure from volunteer board members who are empowered to solicit public money. They may have taken a pass on that, to invasive or something..
The next step may be reading parts of this blog to the BOS during citizen input....it would be great if they used this site to occasionally clarify issues. Sunlight.

Bill Gassman said...

There is currently a water quality monitoring probe in Shannon Brook. We missed some early spring data because the ice-out flows dislodged the probe, but it should be back in action and recording depth, temperature and conductivity every few minutes. The data will tell us if there are surges of conductive substances, flowing through the water,like sewage, but will not isolate septic system failures. We also conduct monthly water measurements of phosphorus and chlorophyll levels at a site just off of States Landing. This data is available on the town’s web site in the ConCom section. States Landing is part of the NH DES beach testing program which showed no problems in 2013 and only once in 63 tests since 2003. That seems pretty good!

As for land acquisition for conservation. Please attend the conservation commission meetings with your comments and questions, where sunshine and transparency is welcome.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

We Are Getting There.. said...

"The ethics handbook takes effect next month. Hope it calls for full disclosure from volunteer board members who are empowered to solicit public money."


“Officer” means any person elected to a position by a ballot vote of the electorate or appointed to a
position to serve on a board, committee, subcommittee or commission of the Town or such a similar
multi entity body to which the Town has the right to make such an appointment" (sic).

"Officer" Enforcement: see, RSA 31:39-a


Ethics Code:

If you think this a "rant" ... go back to school ... kindergarten.

Village Vision Sewers ... anyone! said...

Glad our new selectman is now on the LRPC.

June 11, 2014 at 4:32 PM
"... 2013 and only once in 63 tests since 2003. That seems pretty good!""

Do we have a solution looking for a problem?

Lake Winnipesaukee Shannon Brook Watershed Management Plan

Page 4

"Shannon Brook Subwatershed is characterized by two large developments of over 400 homes each locatedon the shoreline of Moultonborough Bay Inlet. The two developments, Suissevale and Balmoral, are comprised of a mixture of seasonal and year round use with a very large rental component in the Suissevale
development. All properties within each subdivision rely on onsite subsurface wastewater disposal systems and the impact of aging or failing septic systems on the Inlet is not yet known. This plan will conduct a septic system inventory to assess the extent of water quality impacts due to waste water disposal. LRPC will utilize the same methodology utilized by the Town of Meredith to conduct its septic system inventory in the Waukewan Watershed. The methodology involves researching state Subsurface Bureau records as well as local records to assign a risk value to each septic system in the densely-developed shorefront portion of the study area."


Anonymous said...

Houses on the water side of Castle Shore Road are privately owned and do NOT belong to the Suissevale Association. Suissevale owns close to 600 acres.

Let's Do It...RIGHT said...

The concern here is using the correct sequence for the clean-up of States Landing Beach. The Town Admin speaks of spending $ 200,000 to $ 400,000 to dredge ( rake ) dead leaves from the swimming area. Had this been maintained over the years, this would not be needed. Lake bottoms do not stay clean by themselves, they need to be raked once a year. The proposed fix is questionable..there are other options to consider.
First thing first tho, a responsible town official must come forward and certify that there is no sewage issue that will prevent swimming. We now know we have probes in Shannon Brook, but there are two waterways, side by side, that empty near the swimming area. One comes from the center of Balmoral, called the canal. The other is Shannon Brook proper, which drains an area between Swissvale and Balmoral. It is a given that 400 homes on quarter acre lots will have sewage issues. The Milfoil studies have cited a plume there for years, growing Milfoil. The man who installed the probes mentioned a sewage odor. We need to restore this area for town use -- and the first step must come from a responsible town official who can share his sources, and certify there is not a sewage issue there. Many Thanks to Mr Gassman for his work.. But we need the BIG fish to tell us about the water content.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Is the search for grant money causing undue fear about sewerage?

There seem to be more than one issue.

Might be an addendum exercise for the Village Vision committee and their recent discussions about sewer and water. Might want to include legal counsel opinion.

States Landing Beach is Town property, not Suissevale.

If the Town-owned States Landing Beach is found to be contaminated, and by who/what ... are there potential litigation issues ... for the town representing all residents and making them "whole" (in the legal sense)? Liability for the town NOT representing the taxpayer's interests?

Who is going to declare it contaminated! By whose criteria?

Is public money responsible to clean-up individual liability?

The town involment is "cleaning the beach" ...

Suissesvale septic systems are approved by the Suissevale Association; apparently, an RSA 292 Corporation with its limited liabilities. I suspect, however, the septics systems are individually owned, and not owned by the association ... different liabilities.

NH Sec. of State filings:


NH State Laws:


Suissvale building "guidelines" (subject to state and town codes);

Sewerage and Septic Systems
All sewerage and waste disposal systems shall be by a septic tank which meets allapplicable Governmental Regulations. The Suissevale Building Control Committee shall be provided a copy of the approved Septic System plan as part of the Application for Construction Approval. If the approved Septic System plan is not available at the time of the Application for Construction Approval, it shall be submitted as soon as practicable thereafter, and in all events prior to Building Control Committee approval and thus the start of any actual construction activities, including any site excavation."


Suissevale Water:


Before anyone starts with the "rants" stuff, at least let there be some doubt, this post is, in fact, a genuine attempt at information.

Don't read it if it confuses you, gives you a headache, or is too lenghty to read.

If you can read it as a post, then at least the blogger has decided its not too personal.

Do likewise!

Nancy Wright said...

Joe, thanks for the link to the Suissevale water situation. Appreciate the information.