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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Moultonboro School Board June 10th, 2014


Anonymous said...

Hey, if the kids want lacrosse, go for it.

Whatever Susie & Johnny want, Susie & Johnny get, in this town anyway.

Parents Involved ! said...

Nice to see such a substantial turnout, to talk about our high schools achedemic rank in the state, and further discussion on giving the whole thing up to the Feds, under Common Core.
OH ??? The topic was lacrosse? That explains the turn-out.

Forgot The Sidewalk.. said...

Listen Up..if Suzie and Johnny want to play Lacrosse, it is time to call K V Partners and get going on cooking a batch of Moultonboro Mission Creap. We own 80 acres at the M A, but it may not be wet enough...let's get a site study going. 10 to 15 acres would be ideal, big enough that the night lighting will not disturb the neighbors. That would support the field, the clubhouse, parking for 200 cars, and stadium seating for 800. Need to work in a hook for the old folks tho...something to cater to them. O Yes...let them pay for it.