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Friday, June 20, 2014

Moultonboro Selectmen Meeting June 19th 2014 Highlights

  • It was pointed out during citizen input that town ordinance # 10  ( Unnecessary Noise) , does not match the Fireworks ordinance passed at 2014 Town Meeting. This will be corrected at a public hearing to amend ordinance 10 at the next BoS business meeting, In the interim, the public was assured that the March 2014 Fireworks ordinance will be enforced.
  • The Utility Assessing contract was awarded to Sansoucy, LLC by a 3-1 vote ( I voted no). My concern was due to pending litigation over some assessments made by this company by PSNH and NHEC. Currently we use NH DRA values which have historically been lower than those of utility assessors. Town Assessor Gary Karp sought to hire a utility assessor to increase tax revenue. 
  • The cable franchise agreement is set to expire in 2017 and the town is in receipt of a notice from Time Warner Cable that they intend to seek a renewal of it's cable franchise and requests " commencement of renewal proceedings". This will be discussed further at the June 26th work session.
  • The BRC Gym Facility site study contract was briefly discussed and after some serious concerns from the BoS that the proposal exceeds what voters agreed to at 2014 town meeting and that much of it appears to be planned to occur outside the view of the BoS or the public, approval was deferred. The BoS will send comments to the Town Administrator and more discussion on this topic will occur at the June 26th work session.
  • A 2014 charitable exemption was approved for Carbonfund.org, owners of Camp Quinibarge. It was generally felt that since they meet all legal requirements , an exemption could not be denied. The attorney for Carbonfund stated that the company would consider a PILOT ( payment in lieu of taxes) program in the future as they acknowledge that they do use some town services.
  • The Gravel Tax for Crucon for removal of more than 16,000 cubic yards during excavation was also approved. The amount to be collected was approximately $332. 
  • Four DPW employees, William Dow, Andrew Wolanek, Wallace Diagneau and James Nave all had Road Scholar achievements announced. Congratulations were offered by the full board on their achievements. 


Hands Up..Your Wallet Please said...

The utility assessing contract being awarded to the only bidder...this is no-win for the taxpayers, and gives our needy-greedy town another chance to put their hand in our pocket...we pay a firm to raise appraisals on the electric wires and poles we all use, so the town can tax them more, so then the electric company raises our rates.
If --FAT CITY--wealthy Moultonboro needs this revenue...what are the poor towns doing . This seems like a big case of greed and faulty judgement from the town Hall closet. We need another income stream??

Stand and Deliver.. said...

The CarbonFund charitable exemption.....so we taxpayers just made a $ 30,000 donation to a charity running a summer camp here that indoctrinates kids with the latest global warming get rich quick scheme......with the possibility that they may give us back a few quid, voluntarily, to cover what they owe....good for them...and a slap at us...guess our tax dollars can be given away.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The argument about the utility assessment is that NH DRA has historically undervalued them and that many towns are now using their own assessor.
As for Carbonfund, I was told on June 5th (http://moultonborough.org/Pages/MoultonboroughNH_BOSMin/2014bosminutes/06-05-2014.pdf) that the previous years taxes for Quinibarge was $30,000. Last night it was noted that the amount was actually about $10,000. Nonetheless, the BoS are required to follow the law and as such had no valid legal reason to deny the exemption.

Moving Mountains ? said...

The Cru-Con excess gravel removal tax...this was charged for excess material removed, be you'd what was needed for building construction needs. N H DRA is Saying a pile of dirt went off site.....it measures. 75 feet Wide, 75 feet long and 75 feet tall....you have to be kidding, DRA. The f$fine $ is peanuts, but they may have a loose decimal place... Any one remember a 7 1/2 story hill there ?

Experts Tell Us Where To Put It ? said...

The B R C gym site study...kudos to the BOS on this one. the old way things were shoved thru was smelling worse and worse, and expensive too. This is long overdue pushback needed to get the horses infront of the cart.
Good they questioned the T A and Rec Directors plan to bring up a couple of UNH recreation professors for our local gym site study....they are not taxpayers.
Any word of last years Master Plan update, where 700 voters or residents said, by a 2 to 1 margin. " no more land, or facilities for recreation "
Please watch the video on this segment, and see who the big spenders are.

Please, No Shenanigans said...

"The BRC Gym Facility site study contract was briefly discussed and after some serious concerns from the BoS that the proposal exceeds what voters agreed to at 2014 town meeting and that much of it appears to be planned to occur outside the view of the BoS or the public, approval was deferred."

The Selectmen need to review the tape of this years Town Meeting. The legislative body voted for a SITE study.....period. Please remind the T A and his staff that is all that was voted on.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a shame that 700 survey respondents didn't bother to attend town meeting and vote against a new gym study. all you SB2 advocates should realize that the apathy factor is so great that even with SB2 very few voters would bother to obtain absentee ballots.

Could someone please explain why we are doing a site study before doing an honest feasibility study to determine the NEED for another gym exists.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Utility assessment ...

Maybe a package deal can be negotiated in the contract to include as advisory, to Vision Committee for water and sewer.

Would rather pay for experienced,credentialed individual, than conjecture!



T W Wants WHAT ? said...

The Time Warner Cable contract will expire in 3 years..it is in their best interest to have us re-up quickly, so they may keep downgrading the content, and lower their costs. AND NOW, from our newsroom is Skowhegan, Maine- There is Boston ? OOPS that costs $$$
Joel Mudgett needs to throw this request into the trash, with all the rest of their monthly love letters.
There will be no Time -Warner...it will be Comcast. They are just trying to build their portfolio before the sale. We need to be free to cut a new deal with Comcast.
Has Time Warner acknowledged, or agreed to fix, the peak time Moultonboro Internet collapse? This will be more common here this summer, as we get the wealthy hoards back, , all with computers...three weeks ago, on a rainy Saturday....no access at all... We have a broadband committee just starting into this issue....let's hear them first....The B O S should table the TW request for a long time to come

Old Time Dreams said...

Posted at 10:45. Yes it is a shame that the 700 could not go to town meeting, BUT you have to play the ball where it lies.. I would much rather have a valid number of responses, then tell residents to come back from Florida and vote. Good old town meeting...100 to 100 on the sidewalk vote...how big and expensive a thrashing do you need until you reach out to more voters?

Anonymous said...

If voters want a say in how their $'s are spent, the alternative to Town Meeting is SB2. It's works very nicely in other towns and it can work here.