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Thursday, June 19, 2014

One more name to candidates for District 4 NH House Rep.

 Christopher Burbank (D-Moultonborough) has thrown his name in as well. There are four candidate's in total for our  two NH House District 4 seats,   the two Republican incumbents Glenn Cordelli and Karel Crawford and two new Democrat candidates, Christopher Burbank and Nick Vazzana .

In addition, please read this very informative article in the Carroll County Democrat by Melissa Seamans who is herself a candidate for one of two Carroll County Commissioner seats open. 

Aisha Kenney is not seeking re-election for County Commissioner ( yeah!) , but her saga may continue ( aargh!) as she has filed to run for County Register of Deeds. 

As always, all candidates are invited and welcome to write and post campaign statements and announcements on this blog. Just email me at NHGUY3@Gmail.com

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Anonymous said...

According to the Secretary of State web site, Christopher Burbank is now listed as a Republican running for State Rep.