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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

School Board Meeting Info

If you go to this link, click on agendas and scroll down to the 6/10/14 agenda, you will find info about tonight's meetings.
The BoS are meeting ( briefly) with the School Board to consider the appointment of a new member to the ABC which requires a joint appointment by both boards.


Anonymous said...

So, "dunderhead" it is. Thanks for posting this link (not sure why the one I was at looked so different but no matter). Will bookmark this one.

Another Sport ? said...

This meeting ran late, and was well attended by those who believe we need another sport to play --- LaCrosse --One school coach made the point that another sport would make it difficult to plush out the teams that play the usual spring sports. No one questioned if this would cut back on the time needed for our pursuit of achedemic excellence.
The local newspaper explains this may be a joint effort, a collaboration between Interlakes and M A. Meredith kids have privately raised $ 9,000 for equipment and uniforms. Moultonboro kids may need to provide the field. We do that well $$$

Citizen Jane said...

The most interesting comments from last night came during public input from the woman who raised the question about why kids aren't learning cursive writing. She found that her children (going into grades 8 and 11, IIRC) don't "write" anything -- they print -- because they never learned cursive. The woman went on to relate results of research (which was most recently publicized this past week, actually, in the NY Times, among other sources; also see http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/memory-medic/201303/what-learning-cursive-does-your-brain from last year) that shows cursive writing activates portions of the brain that are NOT activated WITHOUT cursive writing. In other words, it's possible that our kids' brains are being underutilized, to their -- and our -- detriment.

The MCS principal addressed this issue somewhat: seems kids are learning cursive somehow in 3rd grade, with followup in 4th and 5th grades, I believe. And the SB also mentioned this issue being taken up by their instructional committee/group. I hope so. I really hope so.

LaCrosse: I can sympathize because the interest on the part of students and parents seems to really be there. But on the scale of things education-wise: bread and circuses. And the declining enrollment doesn't help ...

Anonymous said...

I was STUNNED to hear that cursive isn't taught, and that kids can't even read cursive!
Getting to the bottom of that should be right at the top of the list. Also, it was too bad that the AD at the academy had to READ in the paper about the lacrosse
In real esatate it's "location, location, location!" How about some decent priorities in the school system???!!!

Anonymous said...

While it may not appear to be important, having a relatively inexpensive competitive sports option such as lacrosse (no capital c) would provide an avenue for college scholarships that, because of demographics, size and competition, are not as likely as our traditional sports to draw recruiting attention. Great athletic prowess in lacrosse doesn't require extraordinary height or weight this providing a platform for an outstanding athlete to shine and be recognized. Of course, the life lessons derived from sport participation can last quite a bit longer than assignments from Mr Kadiddle's sociology class. As a parent of two collegiate (Ivy) student athlete grads with post-grad degrees, I have no dog in this fight but support consideration for developing the co-ed lacrosse programs.

Anonymous said...

“Meredith kids have privately raised $ 9,000 for…….”

Does anyone feel that off budget school fundraising is out of control? Most of the fundraising is soliciting the already-oversolicited local vendors or just charging the parents. This free public education is very expensive.