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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

States Landing Neighborhood Meeting May 31st, 2014


Anonymous said...

A thank you to the TA and town staff for putting this together as well as kudos to the neighbors for turning out

Please Answer This.. said...

MR TERENZINI.. Before we spend $ 150,000 to $ 400,000 to " dredge " dead leaves, can you assure us that the water is safe for swimming. A Conservation Commission member has referenced a strong sewage odor up Shannon Brook, or the canal.. Balmoral is approx. 400 homes, on 100 acres, a density that by today's standards would require sewers... It would be ashamed to rake the leaves, then post it NO SWIMMING CONTAMINATION.

Bill Gassman said...

As the conservation commission member that smelled an odor in Shannon Brook, let me add some detail. While installing water quality monitoring probes in March, the crew noticed a septic like odor, obvious but faint. Other times at the site, no odor. We've had the same experience in Halfway brook. The probes measure conductivity, and we will get an idea if there is a steady or transient problem. However, high connectivity can be caused by many issues not just leaking septic effluent.

As for determining swimming safety, I recommend relying on the state's tests for coliform bacteria.

Water Quality, First Issue said...

Mr Gassman, thanks so much for coming forward and shedding light on this issue. I hope it does not get you in trouble with the " higher up " who will not talk to his subjects. Some times you smell it, some times not...depends on which way the wind blows. Does the state routinely test swimming areas, and streams, or do we have to request it? July would be a good time for testing, the septic systems are in use then. Thanks for trying to get the horse on the front of the cart. We need more like you.