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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Village Vision Committee continues to make progress

The VVC began to tackle the Village Vision Action Plan and began gathering some high level thoughts from members as they went through some of the categories.  Issues such as "mixed use" development, public parking, zoning and community sewer and water were all discussed. The process is still preliminary and there are many questions yet to be addressed, but it was considerable forward progress.
A question about the school water quality and rumors of a new well were discussed and put to bed. Both schools have their own wells and both are operating satisfactorily. They both  have arsenic treatment systems and the water is tested regularly. They also have no need or interest in drilling a new well. This came up as the question of shared water for the village had been raised in the past.
Video coming soon.


Don Gile said...

"high level thoughts"


Listen. I was involved with the original sewer line that ended in Center Harbor/Moultonborough. Near the crest of the hill.
The master plan was to bring the sewer line all around the lake connecting here with Wolfeboro.
All federal funds and some state funds.
That money dried up. Gone.
Now the federal government will increase the gasoline tax by 12 cents per gallon. But that increase is geared toward fixing the deteriorating infrastructure and not for "new" projects.
So give up on the sewer. Oh, it would be nice. But it is not going to happen. So why waste this precious 'volunteer' time on pies in the sky.
And that is what these committees are all about.
Yes, these 'volunteers' are good people. No doubt about it.
But all are just spinning their wheels in a fantasy of 'wants'.
We spend too much taxpayer money today as it is and these people are just going to attempt to add more taxpayer money to the pot just for 'wants'.
Stop the madness and disband all of these 'wants' committees.
There is no more money.
Stop the madness. Thank the good 'volunteers' and move on.

Big Spender.. said...

Mr Don Gile....if you were current on Moultonboro money manipulation, you would have the Town Administrator at the top of the list of big spenders. Many on committees are serving, looking for fiscal sanity. Look forward to the day we can relax a little, with a more conservative Town Administrator.