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Friday, June 20, 2014

Village Vision Committee June 17th, 2014


Anonymous said...

Re: Wellhead protection areas...I believe NHDES has already designated radial areas around the wells associated with the schools. These radial areas extend into the village; mapping and radial distances available from DES and possibly already on the Town's GIS system.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

There was a comment from the audience about inventorying the businesses of the village; a point well taken.

There was comment from a committee member that the folks from the "Neck Road" area don't have much concern in developing the village area. True!

Another comment that the committee's efforts will not go anywhere, if the Town meeting doesn't approve. True!

There was comment that at least the vision will be there for all to see in the future (same for past visions). True!

Except, maybe, for the business inventory comment, the other comments are true from previous committees.

Maybe another committee should be set-up to "envision" Moultonborough, as well as, "the village"!

Might help the taxpayers, residents, and voters feel there are common/mutual interests for
MoBo, and not just the village. Might alleviate concerns of hidden agendas for a select few.

Some of us, facetiously not literally, thought the efforts would be for the town! Some of us (mistakenly)thought the terms were interchangeable


Ask It " RIGHT " said...

The BOS has approved money for a village plan survey. It would be wonderful if the content of that survey -- the questions - the verbiage - could be pre-flighted here on this site, so public input can shape the content. This would provide a useful guide for the survey writer, and provide some advance hype inspiring people to answer the survey. Most important, to protect the integrity of this tool, it must be mailed to all. We have proven this with Master Plan results...the computer based surveys do not get a response from a cross section of the town.