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Friday, July 11, 2014

Blue Ribbon Commission Facility Site Study July 10th, 2014


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Ignorant of the "background" of the proposed facility, but curious about costs, I attended the meeting, but had to leave before it ended.

I didn't know what BRC meant. When I discovered it meant Blue Ribbon, I thought it would be a beer commission about Pabst Blue Ribbon beer! I miss the beer from Castle Springs!

It appeared to be a productive meeting!

The BoS representative made an excellent point, I believe, in commenting that the site could be a campus, of sorts, including parking.

Parking and walking a short distance to the facility and not limit to "front door", might be a plus.

The town website has a good deal of information under major projects regarding this project.

I'm using the word "project" because of an I observation I made, when reading some of the past documentation; that the 1982, 1991 etc. Master plans called the project Community/Senior civic center ... or something to that effect.

From a marketing or behavioral science point of view, a Civic/ Senior Center seems more palatable than another Gym for a town with declining school enrollment and "aging/boomer" demographics.

Interesting change to choice of words!


Anonymous said...

I cannot watch this video without getting sick! We do not need a multi-million dollar "community center" for our declining population! This rec. center stuff keeps re-emerging every year! Nobody has ever established the need! No, no NO!

Numbers Please..... said...

Yup! still waiting for numbers to justify the need for such a facility. All we get is fuzzy math. Our Recreation Director is quick to give numbers for the summer programs but starts to bob and weave when asked about Fall, Winter & Spring program numbers...hmm. My guess is they're so low she'd rather forget them.

Anonymous said...

According to the town web site the BRC was discharged several ago. Why are they still involved?

BRC Obsolete said...

The BRC was dissolved in 2011, after the group of five citizens submitted a report that considered establishing a rec gym.... It is The only report Partially in favor of building the gym, hense the Town Administrator touts it daily. Some of the reports we do not hear about is the Michael Bramley report, reccomending folding some of the Rec functions into the school athletic dept, Or last years Masterplan update, answered by 685 people, and substantially against more land or buildings for recreation.. We must read these to the Town Administrator.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to read the Branley report to the TA. He commissioned and championed it to his own detriment. The Selectmen and School Board dismissed it completel0y out of hand. Perhaps you might read it to them.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered the old Woodshed property for a community center? It's been cleared and is for sale. It may be the last best piece of land in town. Great area for walking, biking and close to town.

No thanks said...

And why would be need a community center? We already have ample buildings and facilities. The library, Life Safety Building, Lion's Club, Schools with gyms and a beautiful auditorium, a recreation building and churches.

For a town of just over 4,000 we're doing just fine without another facility to staff, heat and maintain.

We moved here because of the low taxes. If we wanted all the bells and whistles we would have moved to a town that had them. Keep in mind with more infrastructure come higher taxes.

Anonymous said...

There was a suggestion that the town buy yet another property, the former Woodshed property. I say NO. Lee Road was repaved last week, the preceding few weeks when the road had no pavement at all were the calmest, safest weeks I've experienced in the last ten years living on the road. In the few days since the road was paved there has been some VERY fast traffic, racing speeds. I recall being told that the road would be narrower than before, it appears to be just as wide as before, speeds are higher than they were pre repaving, when it was bumpy. The track team uses Lee Road for training, do we really want to put our kids in harm's way? You can't drive between Moultonboro and Center Harbor without seeing a few cops, speeds are moderate as a result. How often do you see the police on a back road? Speeds are often outrageous as a result.