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Monday, July 14, 2014

Candidates Forum and Q&A

Still only mid July, but before you know it, it will be primary day on Tuesday September 9th and then election day November 4th.
In anticipation of those dates, a few plans are being made to keep voters as well informed as possible. This year I will be paying close attention to not only the State House but also Ossipee at the County races. I will send each candidate a list of questions and publish the responses here on the blog hopefully in August.
 I will also organize a candidates night here in Moultonboro after the September 6th primary and invite any and all candidates for any office to attend. Date and venue to be determined. Anyone interested in assisting please let me know.


Mellisa Seamans said...

I look forward to receiving and responding to any questions you may have. Additionally, I welcome the opportunity to participate in any candidate forums ~Mellisa

Horray..A Candidate.. said...

Mellisa, thanks so much for coming forward on this blogsite. Great that you welcome 21 st century communications. You have reached 500 citizens. We would appreciate a description of what town or district you are running for, and what position....and would like to hear your background. Thanks so much for being willing to run..

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

RE: Hooray @ 9:10 PM

County position ...


Some background ...


Hope For Change.. said...

Hey Joe, that was just a test to see if Melissa would use the Internet. I will NOT vote for another darn candidate who will not talk to us.
Joe, why don't you run for some position, like Town Administrator? WHAT ? It's appointed, not elected ?
We will be " City of Moultonboro " if we don't move him out. We need someone for the people, who understands why we are here. I do not buy his agenda.

Mellisa Seamans said...

I will be happy to post something here. I do need to update the above-posted Linked In page and will do that this evening. In the meantime, I do have a Facebook page for my campaign "Mellisa Seamans for Carroll County Commissioner"

Anonymous said...

If Melissa Seamans is serious about running for County Commissioner, why has she applied for the job to take minutes at Commissioner meetings? What games are being played?

Anonymous said...

No games. I have 15 years' experience taking minutes for a variety of municipal and non-profit boards. I felt the board could benefit from having someone do the job that has the experience, knows the Right-to-Know law, and could pick up where the excellent work of the current recording secretary leaves off. There is nothing that prohibits an employee from also being a candidate for office.

Lisa Scott said...

My name is Lisa Scott and I’m running for Register of Deeds. The Carroll County Registry of Deeds stores and protects the property records for the county. If you own land in the county your deeds are stored in the registry.

A register of deeds is responsible for filing and recording documents which affect the legal status of property. I’m talking about the home you live in. When you get ready to buy or sell, you’ll be counting on the registry of deeds to record your deed. It matters to you that whoever is in charge of this office is very experienced. The register assumes a complex combination of legal and administrative duties. The duties include filing, recording and maintaining the records, managing the staff, drafting budgets, attending county delegation meetings, keeping fiscal records and accounts, problem solving and mature decision making. The register of deeds must have a thorough knowledge of state laws, statutes, regulations and administrative procedures. The register must be able to work well with people.

I am the best-qualified candidate for the job. I’ve worked as a paralegal in registries across the state for over 30 years; I understand the job and have the legal skills and experience necessary to perform the job well. I’ve owned and run a successful small business in Carroll County for over 25 years – I can prepare and manage a budget. I’ve also served on two local non-profits, including being Chairman of both.

The Carroll County Registry of Deeds has been well managed by the past two registers, both former paralegals. I will carry on this tradition. I’m aware of the outcry from constituents about being the only county whose records are not available online. I will work towards bringing Carroll County into the mainstream and make the registry records available online.

My name is Lisa Scott, I respectfully ask for your vote.

Lisa Scott for Register of Deeds.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Hi Lisa!

A question I have is: Why can't the Carroll County registry records be accessed on-line, like many of the other NH registry of deeds?

The website states:

" * Our records are not available on-line for security reasons. "

This reason doesn't appear to be adequate. These are public records!
The other NH registries that provide on-line availability, apparently, are not of that mindset.

I believe I found your website and have taken the liberty of posting it here.

Any other candidate that wishes to respond ... feel free!


Anonymous said...

Joe, Lisa's last paragraph has on-line records as a goal..

Great to see a candidate use this site. Last Paragraph

. I’m aware of the outcry from constituents about being the only county whose records are not available online. I will work towards bringing Carroll County into the mainstream and make the registry records available online.

Lisa Scott said...

Yes, It's time for Carroll County to join all the other counties in the State of New Hampshire. There is a process in place for redacting private information for online registry records. I will carefully and thoughtfully examine the process before going forward.
Lisa Scott for Register of Deeds

Mellisa Seamans said...

Hello again.... I now have a website that will be continuously updated throughout the election season.


Mellisa Seamans
Candidate, County Commissioner District 3