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Thursday, July 24, 2014

CIPC Getting Closer to Final Report.

The CIPC met today and received updated information from Recreation Department Director Donna Keuthe on the softball field and pathway usage. Town Admnistrator Carter Terenzini presented an update on States Landing.
The CIPC will meet again next Thursday to make some final changes to the six year plan and discuss the final report.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

The following comment is probably generational, but there's a lot of money being considered for "recreation" ... while living in one of the most naturally, recreation-available areas in the country!

Taxpayer cost/actual recreation participant is still nebulous ... actual participant, not scheduled activity ... including non-resident participants.

Are the participants the same for most of the activities (redundant participation)?

Why do the taxpayers owe recreation? OK ... good to have, but how much is enough?

The pathway design for phase one and phase two are obviously different.

Maybe it would have been "better" for phase two pathway, to have been a standard DOT "breakdown lane". There would be more walkway, and less rocks to keep clear. The bikes don't use it ... than God!

Presently, it's a breakdown lane with a dirt path cut out between the path and the road! Maybe the dirt path is the designed pathway.

Phase three!!!!!

How much funding will come from outside of MoBO Taxpayers? This would probably be the only justification to move ahead with phase three ... let alone make phase two something other than a disaster.

Comments made way back then ...


The Key Issue.. said...

Watching this video once again makes it apparent that we have a problem with the T A. He is a bit of a bully, and a major B S er, and no one calls him on it. About one hour into the video, his sharp rebuke and disclaimer directed at the head of the recreation advisory board, is a prime example of how not to treat a volunteer who has done a wonderful job for this town.
His creditability is shot regarding his work with the town engineer. Anyone who followed the four sidewalk sessions realizes that that was a contrived assalt to get us on board. From that time forward, projects developed by those two are hIghly suspect.
His answers on the lake cleaning project, that it will stay clean for 15 years is another case in point of no one calling his bluff. Ask " how many lakes have you cleaned?" This is proposed as a $ 570,000 job. First base should be contracting a liminoligist, an expert on the problems of lakes. The T A does not know that a project of this cost, scope, and complexity requires professionals. God help us if he puts this out to bid. Example after example of this issue exist, as he has thrown so much against the wall.
We are being manipulated on many issues, and until we get responsible guidance in this position, we will continue to bumble along with damaging desention. This town deserves better..

How Much Longer ? said...
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Hate To Be Used.. said...

This inquiry shed light on the push to buy Mud Pond.
Two years ago we were given " 5 weak reasons to buy M P ". When added up, made fruit salad...now it is clear we were pushed to protect " the headwaters of Salmon Meadow Cove ". So we would have wetland to swap, per state wetland rules, and be able to have a larger softball field at playground drive. Need light stantions in the outfield, and a wider warning track.
When citizens get mislead like that, it's no wonder that it is so difficult to get anything done.

We deserve better said...

Since the T A's arrival he has done nothing but divide the town on issue after issue. The Select Board are deluding themselves if they think they can ignore this.

The decisiveness in our town could be resolved by acknowledging the problem and hiring a Town Administrator with credibility.