"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, July 31, 2014


A lot of good people volunteer a lot of their free time to serve you and the interests of our town to the best of our ability. No one expects universal agreement with every decision, but we should expect that the discourse will be tolerant of all points of view. Some may think that every issue is clearly black and white, but the reality is that most are a very blurry grey. We represent a diverse constituency and I know that on the boards and committees I have served on, we try to be as fair as possible and to consider all points of view. We do after all represent all citizens in our town, even those that may not have voted for us. I believe that this town has come a long way in the past few years with levels of transparency that frankly were unheard of just a few years ago. That is due in large part to the many volunteers that attend meetings, ask questions and tape the proceedings. You can't hide from the camera. Our current BoS is an effective group and not because we always agree on everything, but rather because we don't. Five individuals with strong personalities, outspoken and run by a solid and fair chair. So criticize us, please! That is how we can learn to better serve your interests, but always remember that you elected us to represent you and if you find we are not doing our job, don't re-elect us. The same holds true for any other local elected official.
Lastly, come to meetings  and email us personally and ask whatever you want. Nothing is hidden except that which by law must remain non-public.
That all being said, remember that even though you may have an opinion and you can't imagine that anyone could possibly disagree with you, someone always will.


Q T Around Town said...

An elected official in another town said to me once please don't just criticize offer a solution. I agree that there should be more participation from the public but thanks to this blog and new people on the BoS, a big change from previous members on the BoS that was not transparent, we can hope for more fairness. Thank you for the opportunity.

An Elephant with a Good Memory said...

While there has been a definite improvement in transperancy, there is still much room for improvement.

Clearly the 4 votes to renew the TA's contract without even the courtesy of a minimal explanatory comment, after receipt of a petition signed by a large number of voters specifically requesting that his contract not be renewed represented the "old school" approach to Town governance.

Similarly the impeachment effort of last year aimed at two Planning Board members with the same members of the Board declining to explain the rationale for the effort represents a blatent lack of transperancy and responsiveness.

While it appears that some previously elected Board members may have found "religion", a significant group of BoS members should not be given absolution for their prior unacceptable conduct.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

This blog forum, and form of communication, is great.

We do not live in a Democracy. We live in a Republic; significant difference.

Good, bad, indifferent ... fact is, we have to abide by our elected official's decisions ... that's our process.

Communication is dependent on the participants.

Quote from next article:
“In my humble opinion, conflict makes for healthy scientific inquiry"

Here's an interesting article:


We're not all doctors, but all doctors are human.

We're all human ... well ... some are.

I'm not sure I've ever been called "human".

I've been called "mother" a few times:)

Fool Me Once.. said...

Hello Elephant.... You raise issues where someone has squandered his creditability. Let's not forget the Colusion between the Town Administrator and Town Engineer on the sidewalk fiasco, where we were prevented from coming up with a workable solution by their preconceived plans. We were not allowed design sessions...they were sales pitches. I believe their thought that they could get away with that demonstrates contempt for the voters. As the sheep say, BAH.

An Elephant with a Good Memory said...

Fool Me Once is correct about the shenanigans with the TA, but as we know the TA is not elected.

While the Town electors have no quick means of removing the TA as such - despite the effort to petition our non-responsive BoS to not renew his contract, I would suggest that perhaps we start a petitioned proposal to eliminate the position of Town Administrator as one of the articles to vote on at the next Town Election/Meeting.

Maybe that would send the message that the voters have no confidence in the TA. Then let the BoS run the Town - which is their obligation anyway.

Good but could be better said...

Discussion and compromise is good for the town. A BOS that always is unanimous would not be serving all the people. Neither is one with all men. How can we encourage some women to find motivation to run for office, so the opinion of the other half can be represented.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

You need to wait for the last few seconds of this ... not the Lone Ranger to the rescue!


How many women federal legislatures, represent California!
Is California the epitome of a well run state?

Not sure opinions between men and/or women are the critical factor, or differ because of gender.

NH's federal representation is totally women. Doesn't make them wrong! Doesn't make them right!

Should NH elect a man, to the US Senate or US House, just to have a different gender? Is MoBo any different?

MoBo has had women BoS ... and boss :)

Do I hear "Tranny"!

Girls Rule said...

Good But Could be Better, Posted 7:56 AM. Don't sell our ladies short. There are many doing a great job. To name a few, Barbra Wakefield will take time to answer any question...Bonnie Whitney does wonders for the Devo office...Hope Kokas does complete minutes for the BOS. Jean Biddle does wonders in finance....out ladies as Conservation Chair...Heritage chair.. All great contributions., and we can not overlook our great camera lady, keeping us all honest.
A known fact from industry is that only 4 % of workers are capable of leadership. The rest will not drive the bus, just want to ride...looks like Muoltonboro is about average.