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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Editorial: Main Street investment well worth it .Concord Monitor

An interesting read that has some relevance to our own " main street" revitalization. The parts I found to be of most interest was the dependency some elements had on each other and the sense that as stated in the editorial Main Street" ...could turn toward higher vacancy rates, lower property values and increasing shabbiness, or take an upward path to increased vitality." 

We're not Main Street Concord to be sure, but we have some of the same problems.
Editorial: Main Street investment well worth it | Concord Monitor


Anonymous said...

Concord is getting 9 blocks of 18 foot wide sidewalks in addition to numerous other improvements for $10.22 million. Was the Phase I controversy over the total cost of the Moultonborough sidewalk plan every settled. Was the $3 million total the right number? If so, some very careful comparisons of cost are needed.

I know the mention of Federal money is considered obscene in these parts, but one will pay for over 40% of the Concord project. Concord is also getting a cobble stone median and trees. Our Planner needs to talk to the Concord officials.

The last two major town projects, the Town Offices and Life Safety Building, had serious quality issues. It is three if you include the Pathway Phase II. I, for one, am tired of paying for mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Another Smart Growth scheme foisted on taxpayers$$$


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that Concord is getting new sidewalks, to be paid for with govt. money. Concord is a city and needs sidewalks; Moultonborough is not a city and the sidewalks would lead to nowhere. Anyone loving the idea of new sidewalks might consider moving to Concord.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Is there any federal money available for MoBo sidewalks?

Aren't federal funds tax money that taxpayers have provided to the federal government ... you know ... that "institution" that knows better than you ... on how to spend your money!

If there's opportunity to get some of that money back, especially if the Federal govt. is dispensing it to all who bother to apply, shouldn't the town do it?

Not suggesting those programs that are "hooks," to get the applicants dependent on the Feds.!



Anonymous said...

The question for Moultonboro is higher vacancy rates and lower property values for all of the town or just the village area? I think it will be only the village if we do nothing. Most people don't buy in town because of the village. They buy to be near the lake. The Town and School District own a good percentage of the land in the village with possibly more to come if there is ever public water, sewer and municipal parking lot. The owners of the land needed for these facilities will see the value increases.

Suzie in Kona said...

Agree, we are not Concord. However, we can't seem to do anything right. The journey down the Neck Road is a disgrace! This is the so called high rent district for our town. The pathway as approved by the Crawford regime is deplorable. Still not fixed and OUR dime to do that. Now that pathway club wants 600,000 MORE to put in the final phase between the two that are supposedly done. Nuts. Just plain nuts. Who is in charge around here? Who is looking at the big picture? Seems the squeaky wheel gets the grease. That is way too expensive. It has to stop.

Town Meeting..No Representation. said...

Suzie, the only way to get some sanity in our choices is to adopt SB 2 to allow more to vote.. The annual town meeting will be the death of this town, it is not representing the residents, and preventing taxpayers voting. Unless we can turn out a respectable number of opinions, we run the risk of sidewalks, Rec Gyms and turning into a city run by the whims of the " I want it now " generation.
One of the complaints Versus S B 2 is that it enables ignorant voters... This is nothing new for local voters! who approve everything put on the ballot at town meeting. Fact of life, people who can afford to be here summers, go to Florida in the winter. Holding town meeting during this time is ludachris and insulting. Telling people not To go, or " fly back " is a joke. Town votes when the only voting block that has to be here is those with kids in school.. This is not what a democracy is about, and we must get over the historic dream of ATM and adopt S B 2 or continue our sanctioned insanity.

Can't Make this Stuff Up said...

Heated sidewalks too expensive? So the solution is to hire 4 full time employees? I kid you not and the reasoning behind this....... "to alleviate the fear that landscaping and other investment would soon deteriorate for want of adequate maintenance, the redesign plan calls for the city to designate four employees to serve as year-round maintenance personnel and Main Street ambassadors." ...huh? And the cost to Concord taxpayers is?

Where did that brain fart come from?

To all our representatives. said...

The problem of "city's" isn't heated sidewalks, or tree plantings. It's the people. Read a book called 'THE NAKED APE" by Desmond Morris It will explain why cities have more crime etc. than country living.This should be mandatory reading for every elected official making decisions as to what happens in their town/city/village

Another poignant book "THE PETER PRINCIPLE" Might be helpful also.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.com said...

Not to stray off topic, but ... SB 2 ...

Feb. 2013 article.

What about ... the deliberative session ... vs. the "rubber stamp"?