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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fireworks Ordinance- Is it working?

Just curious. How are things down by the Lake ( and elsewhere) in terms of displaying fireworks after permitted hours and the 4th of July? Joe Cormier did a lot of work and put in a great deal of effort to bring some peaceful nights to residents in that area. How is going so far?


Anonymous said...

It worked out well as far as I am concerned. Joe may not have been here to listen for the change.

Not too bad said...

Fireworks use is way down this year, and for the most part, follows the ordinance. There are always a few late ones on the weekend, but perhaps not everyone got the memo. The hint to rental property owners to check with their insurance company before granting permission to renters also helped!

Last Friday, on the Fourth holiday, everyone seemed to realize that even though not specifically written, the ordnance exception for the Fourth of July implied a raindate too and shot on Saturday till almost midnight.

I'm glad people aren't too literal.

For Island Enforcement said...

It may be working in some areas, but on islands and floats near Suisevale, it is business as usual after 10 pm. Unfortunately the noisemakers are immune from the police as the police won't go out to islands in the middle of the night.

Maybe the Marine Patrol needs to be expanded.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Wasn't here, for the 4th activities; was in Pennsylvania/Delaware and can't comment on the fireworks. Got back last night.

However, I did attend a tremendous fireworks/fountain display at Longwood Gardens; a half hour show that ends at 9:45pm.


We've only had fireworks, once, in our neighborhood this year, that I'm aware of. It was for a half hour and ended at 9:50pm ... within town ordinance; a seasonal resident, not a renter, trying to impress his overnight guests.

So far, a great improvement.

I'd also like to thank Chief Wetherbee for his efforts in enforcing and implementing the ordinance.

Anonymous said...

We live on Kona Farm Road, not far from Moultonboro Neck Road.
Our dog is terrified of fireworks (among other booms) 4th of July is always a trying time our house. We are normally up until all hours because of fireworks and our dog's reaction. This year was a breeze! The ordinance worked in our neighborhood. What a relief! We are very pleased with the results.

Just for the record, we are permanent residents of Moultonborough, and we are not in favor of sidewalks downtown.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

We should all thank Joe Cormier for the time and effort he put into this new ordinance and Chief Wetherbee and the MPD for making it work. People that live and vacation down there have a right to some peace and quiet during the night. This was a great example of Citizenship 101 in action.

Ed Hargrove said...

Funny, those who are against big government are all for more laws, more rules, and more ordinances.

O Well... said...

Hey Ed, can you tell us where you live...I have a few cherry bombs left over, and I would be glad to burn Em off, in your front yard..

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"Funny, those who are against big government are all for more laws, more rules, and more ordinances."

Not actually, if referring to fireworks.

If the Federal laws had remained the same ... banning fireworks ... instead of being lobbied and changed by the fireworks industry, there would be no need for a town ordinance to install/instill some sanity into their use.

The insanity still exists. It is a federal crime to have and utilize firecrackers (don't kill people or destroy property).

However, it is legal to have and use MORTARS, that can, and have killed, and cause major damage.

Maybe Ed, when the firehouses post fire danger ... "HIGH" ... (in the dry season)and someone launches a mortar, and burns down your house ... you might feel differently!

Oh yes, the state has liability laws, and you can sue the perpetrator, if they haven't skipped town (renters).

Good luck with your insurance and the re-building, and hope you haven't lost any sleep!

Taxed Enough Already said...

Not me Ed!

Ban Consumer Fireworks said...

Joe Cormier deserves credit for starting a move to restrict fireworks hours. It is unfortunate that he had to spend an enormous amount of time and trouble, as did another resident to get some relief.

The reason for my comments are that previously, before Mr. Blogger got on the Board residents asked the BoS to amend the noise ordinance for relief. The Board with Russ Wakefield being the most obstinate refused to do anything, requiring a set of petitions and time spent (wasted) at the Town meeting to amend an ordinance that the BoS should have addressed years before.

On another note, I read in the Union Leader this week that the State Fire Marshall is advocating a ban on all consumer fireworks because of the obvious dangers. Mr. Cormier also pointed out the dangers and problems but the Town voted for fireworks. I for one hope the legislature does ban consumer fireworks for everyone's sake

Long Island Retiree said...

Coming from Long Island it was a wonderful change this year. Including the info with the tax bill was a very good idea. Thanks to all at Town Meeting that voted in the new ordinance.

Ed Hargrove said...

"Hey Ed, can you tell us where you live...I have a few cherry bombs left over, and I would be glad to burn Em off, in your front yard.."

I'll wager that if President Obama proposed this ordinance you would be screaming ... against big government.


Anonymous said...

Tonight I heard that that the 7 people Including 5 children killed in a fire in Lowell,MA was caused by fireworks stored in the building.

I agree with Ban Consumer Fireworks. They are dangerous and not worth the risk.

I also don't understand the thrill of setting off fireworks, except possibly for the 4th of July. Why on 364 other days?

Times are Changing..How About The BOS ? said...

The Lowell Mass fire involved a third floor apartment that had fireworks in it, which started cooking off when the building was fully involved...
The first B O S Fireworks ordinance was a very messy deal.. The Town Admin and BOS had a preconceived notion. That a " baby step " was needed to throw the public a bone...this was determined ahead of time..So they held the public hearing portion of the kabuki theater, and did not listen to the crowd there, and took their useless baby step. A couple BOS men said this was needed for our local economy...giving stressed Mass millionaires a chance to visit our third world nation, and blow off their stress. Pathetic.
They are still on the BOS, and have developed a mindset that they know what is best for us, and also find that listening to us takes too much time. Two have been in office too long.

Yo, Mind the Voters said...

While we are at it....another member of the BOS, recently elected ( not the last one ) has come out as the town Recreation Zar. Has kids in school, and wants a gym, and all sports, all the time. Time to remind him he was elected by the majority, to represent the majority. The Master Plan update survey from last year, 685 residents, had a clear margin ( 2 to 1 ) requesting a halt for rec lands, and buildings spending. He must represent the voters, not his own personal wishes.