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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kona Mansion Property For Sale

A full page ad in today's Laconia Daily Sun. A great property for the right investor. Upscale hotel with condos maybe? It's a big investment if someone goes that route, but it would be a great addition to the local economy. As the ad below also mentions, the property could also be developed into individual home sites.
Kona Farm is listed on the NH State Register of Historic Places.


Conserve This ? said...

Here is a piece of history that our Conservation Commission should look at. As they are determined to show us that they are green, this may be a worthwhile vehicle for them. The current piece they are talking up has never seen the footprint of man...and never will..why conserve it? Perhaps they could use the Kona property to prove their point that they are green. Easy to be green, with public money.

Think About It... said...

This is worth thinking about, for conservation. It would give Moultonboro a good piece of public waterfront.
The Lakes Region Conservation Trust preserved the Castle in The Clouds, a 16 room mansion with 5500 acres. That shows what is possible. If conservation can select the right land for a conservation effort, they will have plenty of local support. Hope they pick a piece of land we can all get behind.

Anonymous said...

Dear Think About it, I can't think of a more desirable addition to a conservation trust, except for one thing....the property would be exempt from real estate taxes, which would amount to a fortune lost to the town each year.

Come On Con Com said...

Still thinking about it..I thought the lost tax income would come up...valid point, But could be much is now in current use, small tax bill, and important to all of us, as it keeps large parcels in tact. May be a $ 100,000 tax loss, but staff and maintain and insure and heat a new gym, and you are spending much more
Unfortunately, blowing a hundred grand on feasibility studies and site studies and proposed sidewalk dreams is an annual fact of life around here.
Let's see what the T A comes up with--- as he was so hot on Mud Pond, he must be drooling over this..

Anonymous said...

The T.A needs to cool his jets.

Anonymous said...

The property is assessed at $2million+ with taxes over $23,000.
Lit price is $7,995,000. Such a deal!

Anonymous said...

The property is assessed at $2million+ with taxes over $23,000.
Lit price is $7,995,000. Such a deal!

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Maybe the Village Committee could take it under advisement ... and provide a forum!

With the "aging" MoBo population and boomers retiring here, this could be a Suissevale-West.

Then, the Town could take the state's offer of taking over the Neck road ... and the bridge!

We could put athletic fields and soccer fields up on the hill!

Don't forget the lights!

Hey, sidewalks could be merged with the pathways!

It would be perfect for more bike trails and walkways. We'll need a couple of auto breakdown lanes alongside, ... need some excitement and entertainment.

The town is commissioned with providing recreation, isn't?

Heck of a place for another gym.

There could be bus service, provided by the Rec. Dept. Use the bus that's already in the Capital Improvements Plan, or let's go whole hog and develop a bus fleet. I've still got a CDL-A with endorsements. Some of us could volunteer to drive!

We all know that volunteers do so, to save the town expenses ... right!

Let's not allow the private sector "do something" with the property.
They have no vested interest in providing fodder for town squabbles. No fun there!

Maybe the zoning ordinances should be reviewed, now, to keep out any dreamers of changing Mobo ... whatever that means!

Kona area = village; just like Center Harbor line!

If there is enough added traffic on the Neck road, the lights at Green's corner could be changed to a roundabout! Talk about getting the run-around!

Then, there would be enough clamor to get the Neck road dug up, and adequate road-base put in to prevent the continuous disrepair. MoBo's got all kinds of money!

We need to all stick together to keep private developers (or Warren Buffet) out a here!

Maybe the next Land Use and Development forum, Aug.13th, will have more participants.

How dare the Planning Board ... try to gather resident input!

Anonymous said...

JOe, I like your thinking. Let's go a bit further. How about low income housing and free babysitting? The Town can foot the bill. Not a problem. At least when WE hand out free oil vouchers it will be all for one address. But, it will be too far from the new Food Pantry so we will have to get a bigger Recreation Bus to drive the folks to the Food Pantry. And the residents can take all the free crap out front that is proudly displayed into their own private units. What a plan! How do we make it happen?????

Eric Taussig said...

There is a disconnect between the assessed tax value and the asking price that really raises some questions regarding the assessment process by our assessor and Vision Appraisal that requires some answers, even assuming an inflated asking price by the owners of Kona

The Good Life said...

Joe, love your idea! Suissevale-West but let's turn Kona Farms into a retirement community paid for by the taxpayers. I'd much rather have retirement housing than another gymnasium. I can see myself now sipping chardonnay and eating canap├ęs on the veranda, all on the taxpayers dime.

All that's needed to make my dreams come true is 25 like minded citizens to sign a Warrant Article for Town meeting and get all the old folks to vote for it.

Taxes Wacked ? said...

Have to see the waterfront footage..that's most of the value.. Near 90 acres, seems like a mighty cheap tax bill for that locale....may become in current use.
That is an annual tax bill of about $ 270 per AC, assuming all the value is in the land. I pay $ 1,200 per AC, waterfront, further up the neck in cheaper backwater location, with small old house.....big disparity.
Add another million and 1/2 to the cost, to have it meet our building codes....and for god-sake, don't pave any parking lots.....just stripe the gravel. - with water soluble paint.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of disconnects by Vision. Take a look at the CruCon assessment card. There is a building permit listed for $3 million on it. As of April 1, the assessing standard date, it was considered 65% completed and valued at $1 million. I hope that doesn't mean a $1.5 million final assessment. Building permits are traditionally low-balled because they have a fee associated with them. The $3m comes out to $100 per square foot. I think commercial construction costs a lot more than that! Look at you assessment card and your home is valued (replacement cost) at $150 to $300 per square foot. Vision also knows nothing about lake frontage. It only knows lot size. It also only knows the bottom line. As long as the town is in the acceptable 90 to 110 per cent range, it is happy.

Totally Disgusted Taxpayer said...

Getting back to serious matters, as a taxpayer who has waterfront property of substantially less acreage and a home that is Lillipution in comparison with the Kona Mansion and outbuildings, that is assessed for about the same as Kona, I am OUTRAGED at the low assessment our ASSESSOR AND VISION APPRAISALS has given.

I am ready to lawyer up with Mr. Taussig on this one.

I hope Mr. Blogger you will raise these questions at the next BoS meeting, starting with the Town Assessor and Mr. Terenzini.

Thank you,

Totally Disgusted Taxpayer

It's For the Children said...

Maybe the town should offer to purchase the Kona property for it's assessed value. We could turn around and resell it and put the proceeds into the Revolving Recreation Slush Fund. Plenty of money for a gym then!

Anonymous said...

How can a property with a boathouse,9 hoe golf course, 20 boat slips, 37 room mansion, 7 cottages on 90 acres be in current use with an assessment of 2 million????

Moultonboro Blogger said...


Anonymous said...

It is better to use the CAIGIS map on the town website. Find the parcel, click on the "information" icon and the appraisal card will appear on the left side under documents.

It turns out that there are three lots as stated in the Sun ad. One on Jacobs Road and two on Boathouse Road. They are valued at 2.7m, 1.1m and 1m. So, the properties are assessed at 4.8m in total and asking 8m.




Appraisal Card ? said...

The article says that the property consists of three lots of record. Could be we are only seeing the Apprasal values from one of the lots. If this is the total for all three lots, something is radically wrong.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie, the assessment: list price ratio are only off by 50%!

Dreamers said...

What a joke.
The sheep barn was sold decades ago.
The other barns were also sold decades ago.
The boat house was sold decades ago.
There is only a small amount of waterfront.
The maintenance on this building is daunting.
But some idiot flatlander will purchase for a song.
Then go into foreclosure.
And the circle will go round and round.

Where are the conservationists that purchased the Castle in the Clouds? Huh?
Why don't they purchase this?
Maybe because they are verging on bankruptcy trying to maintain the Castle in the Clouds.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

According to MoBo Tax/GIs maps:

Three parcels:

Tax Id # 215014 the biggest parcel; 82 acres (not lakefront)

...last assessment of $2,697,600

Tax ID # 216009 .69 acres lakefront; asessment $1,076,300

Tax ID # 201016 6.81 acres
-corner lot of Jacobs Rd. and Kona Rd. on other side of Jacobs Rd. from large parcel assesment:exempt land

Notation on #215014 indicates

"... 7/2010 FOR SALE ASKING $7,995,000..."

Is/was that for #215014 only?

Does/did that exclude the waterfront acreage??

Loaded With $$$ said...

Dreamer, Don't worry for one minute about theCastle in the Clouds. It is guided by a competent committee who are currently fundraising to catch up on building maintenance. Their methodical, professional fundraising is well supported by locals who appreciate the Castle. Financially they are very sound.

Anonymous said...

Back to assessments .... question for Assessor Karp and Vision Government "Solutions". Why is the CruCon building assessed at $1.167m for 2014 when a $3m building permit was issued? Granted the building was considered only 65% complete this past April 1. That in itself is dubious since the building opened for business less than three months later.


Anonymous said...

Could be because assessments are based on the prior 6 months.