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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Moultonboro Board of Selectmen Highlights July 17th, 2014

  • NH House Representative Glenn Cordelli presented the history and the current status of the finances of Carroll County. While annual audits of the books are not required, none has been performed since 2009. At his insistence, an independent auditor was hired and immediately found serious accounting errors in 2010. The effect on the tax rate is yet to be determined. No accusations or indications of malfeasance were presented, just sloppy financial controls. Rep. Crawford submitted a letter to the BoS dated July 9th outlining the situation and offering to come in and speak to the BoS about it. NH DRA has yet to be involved in this, but it is expected that NH DRA will have much more to say about it when the audits are complete.
  • The Fire Dept, will purchase a 70 HP -Outboard motor for fire boat # 2. This was a planned and budgeted purchase.
  • There will be a new sign for the Paradise Falls mini golf site, It will replace what was the Woodshed sign. The owner was present and was grateful for the approval of the sign as a business owner. 
  • The BoS will hold an off site "retreat" to hash out short, medium and long term goals and objectives. This is a public meeting, but the BoS will not entertain public input as there is considerable work to be done in just a few hours. At my suggestion, all department heads will also be in attendance to hear the discussions and get an idea of the context so that these goals and objectives can then be carried to their departments to develop departmental goals and individual goals that align with what the BoS have set out. The original idea for this came from Carter and it is a good one in my opinion as it creates a synergy between all departments and a clear path forward.
  • The annual Volunteer luncheon will be held on either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th Saturday in September. 
  • Donald Margesen was appointed as an alternate Trustee of the Trust funds, effective July 26th 2014. That is the effective date of the new law that allows alternates for this board.
  • A final cemetery policy was approved which includes an appeal process if a plot owner disagrees with the sexton. It will go into effect in September.
  • A letter was received complaining about the poor road conditions of Moultonboro Neck. As it is State owned, when and who will fix it, and can there be a shared cost for it. If the town were to take ownership of the road  Carter warned that it would mean ownership of the bridge as well and the cost to repair/replace that would be very expensive, far exceeding our roads budget. The ball was handed off to the Road Agent for follow up.
  • Al Hume was appointed as an alternate Citizen at Large to the Village Vision Committee effective immediately.
  • Bruce Worthen of the Heritage Commission will be their representative on the Village Vision Committee.


Right Sizing ! ! said...

The Fire Dept buying a 70 Hp motor for its little portable boat two.....what happened here, they usually buy the biggest piece of equipment possible. I wanted to see a 300 Hp pod drive diesel on that 17 footer.

Joyce Lundgren said...

"The Fire Dept, will purchase a 70 HP -Outboard motor for fire boat # 2."

Another story about "rust" on the fire department equipment?
Don't they maintain these things?

More purchases because "we can" as opposed to a real "need".

This town needs a new citizen volunteer committee to oversee the fire department.

Why did the new chief let the current engine get is such poor condition that we "want" a new one?

When will this town get a handle on waste, fraud, and abuse?

And we have TWO boats? Huh?

Fire Commission ? said...

This town needs a new citizen volunteer committee to oversee the fire department.
Absolutely correct...for years we have seen one persons opinion select fire protection equipment, along the lines of " bigger is Better ". There is another proposal in the wind, for two huge tanker - pumpers, which will not fit down dirt roads, driveways or roads with snowbanks. We need fire protection for all..not just Main St.
MainStreet has also been let down,with the deterioration of the fire pond.
One long time member of the BOS said last year " we pay the Chief big bucks, we should listen to him " WRONG, This $ 3 million public service needs good guidance, and a format where experienced Interested citizens can hash out the options.
Do not be too hard on the second boat, it is on a trailer, and can be delivered to any body of water in town. With the crap the Feds mandate in gasoline, our small engines are taking a beating. This purchase has been discussed for a few years, and came in under $ 1/2 million....whew. Hope it went to a local vender.

Anonymous said...

The MFD presented a comprehensive plan to the selecmen last fall. It includes two smaller multi purpose vehicles that can respond just about anywhere. The replacement motor was budgeted for last budget cycle. If you are an island resident I am certain you would be thankful for fire rescue boats. The chief does a good job despite all the flak he gets from some of the public.

Like Big Business.. said...

Off Site Retreat... Let's nip this in the Bud, and limit to in town venues. What happens if he Public Safety Building falls down while they are all frolicking up at the Mt Washington. This is hard on the Dept Heads...some of them actually have work to do.. Next, we are going to have to pay mileage..

Anonymous said...

This is a prime example of why we need a Fire Commission.. Local fire buffs say we are short water on wheels, and have asked for a practical sized tanker.. Instead we get an ambulence chaser, so if we ever get two calls at the same time, we do not have to go back to the fire barn for the right rig.. With all the police on the road,why chase " help, I've fallen " calls with $$ trucks..
Decisions like these are prime fodder for a fire commission.

Anonymous said...

Blogger: the business owner who was present for the sign approval reports that, when she went to apply for her sign permit this week, she was told the BOS wanted to look at the issue again. Can you explain when/how and why this decision might have been made, and was it in a public meeting?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

When the BoS discussed this last week, we thought that the size, 4 sq. ft was erroneous and thought it meant 4ft x 4ft or 16 sq ft. We were incorrect. The size limit for directional signS on town roads is 4 sq feet.
Per the TA's weekly report:
“Directional signs on Town roads, not greater in size than four (4) square feet for business identification and direction only, may be allowed by permit for each business off site at the discretion of the Board of Selectmen if it is deemed necessary by the Selectmen for traffic and safety reasons.”
I(Carter) spoke with the Chair and gave the applicant two options: #1 was to reduce the sign further to the allowed size. # 2 was to defer until your next business meeting and I would work with the Development Office to see if there were any workarounds (i.e. variance) she could apply for or be considered under. She has chosen Option 2."

Anonymous said...

Thanks! It can be intimidating for people to have to come before the board, so I think they find it frustrating when they think they've done the right thing, and it turns out they still need to make more changes. Side note for planning board discussion: 2'x2' is not a very big sign for anything you're expected to read on the side of the road (whether you like what the sign says or not!).

Anonymous said...

The state 1'*4' blue signs are plenty big enough. I for one do not want our roads littered with additional signage particularly when one can see the business right off of 109 easily.