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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Moultonboro Planning Board Land Use and Development Listening Session July 16th 2014


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Attended this meeting, and it was different and refreshing, than going to a regular BoS meeting or planning board meeting etc.

Not knocking those meetings, just that this meeting was as advertised ... a forum ... an exchange of ideas, beliefs, visions, ...

Tom, Josh, and the planning board deserve kudos for a refreshing approach to issues that need to be, at least, understood.

The planning dept.'s plan reflects what we have, and Bruce did a very good job, in my humble estimation, of suggesting and presenting issues that the town needs to be aware of ... not just complain about ... zoning and perceived land owner "takeaways".

We're relating to RT.25 as a "corridor", now, not outlying areas like Kona Mansion or Neck road area. Doesn't mean those areas are excluded!

I like the idea of "nodes" or "Pods"!

I'd go a step further on pods, earmarked for business use (not cottage industry that can be done "at home"), and suggest begin talking about giving incentives, for moves into those zones, if they produce jobs or help balance/add to MoBo economy.

I should qualify, even this statement, by saying pods, not in the "village", but pod or "business district", down by the Center Harbor line ... Village West, for one.

The argument that a landowner should be able to build a house on his/her property is a weak one. If they were going to build a house on those parcels, they would have already done so.

The more likely scenario is their land investment would get a better price from a business that was enticed to move to MoBo, and become a community partner, and even enjoy the Lake, mountains, forests, and an about an hour and a half to the ocean ... what a country ... what a place!!!!

To all the business owners that got invitations to attend ... you missed a good forum ... another one coming up soon.

To the planning board that sent out the invites ... don't fret if the business owners don't show up ... we already have zoning.

The town legislative body, that has a say on zoning, is not made up completely of business people, but a mixture of taxpayers.

If the "arguments" for/against convince enough voters ... that will be the zoning, with or without business owners. They already have ... "grandfather".

The issue might be, from the git-go, ... new businesses.

Anonymous said...

Two issues not mentioned: ours is a four month economy.22,000 or 25,000 for June, July and Aug, then back to the aging 4,000. Most businesses can not make it in a four month economy.
The other issue is home construction on our hillsides. This is a senic and tourist issue, topics we must protect to continue to look like NH, and not Beverly Hills. Not fair to ask our emergency services to respond half way up the mountain, and the visual impact of scars on the hillsides, like the two gashes on Red Hill, things to avoid at all cost..

Hate To Leave.. said...

Why are we leaving?. How many are gone winters? Timely topics...
Reasons people leave...Be nearer the grand kids. Be closer to medical facilities. Southern climes.....single story houses. Can't drive anymore. Snow....
If we protect the core values of what attracted us here, we will protect the resale value of the home we are regretfully leaving... If you are here to be five minutes from the store, you are in the wrong place..
About 16 in the focus group, tho 135 had personal written invitations.. A pretty good turnout compared to the usual five.

Figure it Out said...

More facitlites are not the answer. The town has a sufficent number.

The problem lies with the Town Administrator, Select and School Boards. All need to work together and stop being territorial.

While they argue and debate the kids are the ones denied the use of the gymnasiums and other school facilities.

During summer months when our population swells the schools should be available for the Recreation Department and the public if needed.

If this Town Administrators only solution is another facility then maybe we need a new TA.

Martha Dandridge said...

"and the visual impact of scars on the hillsides, like the two gashes on Red Hill, things to avoid at all cost.."

Another pretty person who wishes to seize private property.
If you do not wish to see new homes on Bean Road, Route 109, or Red Hill then YOU purchase the property at fair market value and donate all to the NH Save the Trees Foundation.
NOT take away private property by ZONING restrictions.
Seems some want their cake and wish to eat it too . . . for free.

Live Free or Die. Private property is private property.

Steeling land by changes in zoning should be a crime.

Managed or Chaotic Growth? said...

Our tourist economy spikes the population 4-5X in the summer, making year-round retail businesses a challenge. But it does not have to be that way. We could instruct our town government to attract more non-retail businesses, which would bring jobs and younger families, and balance out the economy a bit.

Public Record ? said...

A gentleman in the back of the room said he is on the Conservation Commission, and they would be interested in placing some of the commercially zoned land into conservation. This would be largely financed by public money. As they discuss this, I hope they will notify us of the topic in their meeting agenda, and record their discussions and findings in their public minutes. They seem to have gone into stealth mode, with the meeting agenda just giving time and place, and the minutes just briefly stating " discussed conserving land ". Need a bit more info to be comfortable spending public funds.

Private Property Rights.. said...

Hey Martha, Watch that video from strat to finish...there are some talking points there......I own 52 acres, commercial zone, on rt 25. My property value will degrade, if another gas station convienence store builds next door. Trying to restrict building a strip mall from Center Harbor to the Moult Village will help property values....
Various conservation trusts control 2 or3 thousand acres of the area. This was voluntary agreements between private landowners, and conservation groups,NOT land taking. This preserves everyone's value, and can be done without public funds, or land taking.
Hope you are going to enjoy the look of our new Family Dollar....perhaps a civil conversation on design standards may be in order....that would also protect my property value.

Anonymous said...

Turnout seemed very thin to me. From the introductions folks provided, it appeared that there might have been 2 business owners present (one or both may be retired?), as well as, 4 citizens at-large again primarily retired) in attendance. This is not counting the various Planning Board members, Selectmen, Conservation and other Committee members, Town Planner, etc. who were in attendance. Also there was no input or comments provided by one of the citizens at-large which then reduced the "public" meeting input further.

One citizen noted that no (or few) business owners attended the meeting. It was noted by Josh that the timing of the meeting (i.e., summer) is a busy time and hard for business owners to attend...

In retrospect, it seems that the charrette held a few summers ago (again during the busy season) attracted more public input and accomplished more at their meeting. I recall complaints of lack of attendance at those meetings and, in comparison, the charrette seemed more inclusive and better organized.

Anonymous said...

Good question, does the Town have a handle on how many snowbirds head south for the winter, taking their dollars with them?

Suggest the Town Planner & Village Committee do a little fact finding study. It's been noted by other posts on this blog if you don't have customers it hard to attract businesses here.