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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, July 7, 2014

Moultonboro Zoning Board of Adjustment July 2nd 2014


Tear Down My House ? said...

Long discussion on an addition requested, in a conforming area, but tied to a non-conforming house. The view expressed by our town planner is alarming, and should be up for discussion...he believes that a zoning goal should be to " sunset " all current non-conforming structures, and that the difficult restrictions we have placed on adding to " non-conforming structures will eventually do this. Not fair at all. This guy is too taken up in his own profession.
First off, I am " Pre-existing " not non-conforming, and my future plans, if reasonable, should not be impeded by his agenda. Watch this video, or read the meeting minutes on the town website, and see where he wants to go..

Anonymous said...

Zoning and Planning Board meetings are poorly attended by the general public yet these boards drive our ordinances, site plans and building codes. The business conducted at these public meetings effects all property owners.

To Tear Down My House, if you're concerned, get involved and voice your concerns. Think about running to become a member on one of the Boards or put in an application and ask to be appointed as an Alternate.