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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, July 4, 2014

MWC Bake Sale Postponed Until Saturday July 5th 8-2 Library Parking Lot

The Library book sale is going on as scheduled today and tomorrow, but the Lions Club cookout for today has been cancelled.

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Web Delay ?? said...

Notification....the Moultonboro " Code Red " system gave all subscribers a 7 AM wakeup call about the parade cancelation.... For those of us who do not trust the town with our phone numbers, we had to wait an additional two hours for info to come up on the towns website.
At 7 AM I was out on the end of the dock, trying to light the soggy fireworks.....thanks Joe....
Actually, the " Mass Stress Relief " has been better this year...typically stoping before 10 PM. The dogs thank you, Joe..