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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Selectmen Meeting Video and More Meetings this Thursday

The BoS meeting video of  July 17th, 2014 can be found here on the Town website.
This Thursday there are three meetings at Town Hall. The CIPC will meet at 10:00 to review the Recreation Department capital requests. At 2pm, the BRC Site Study meeting will be held to hear the results of the architect and engineer's review and recommendations for the four initial sites. Lastly, the BoS will meet at 4pm in a work session. Among the topics expected to be discussed: FY 2013 Audit, FY 2014 Q2 report. presentation on BRC Facility Site Study of four sites, presentation of Draft Scope of Work for UNH Recreation Facility feasibility study, an update on States Landing and an update on Pre-1981 Landfill.


Out Of Town Experts. HUH? said...

Scope of Work for UNH Recreation Facility feasibility study, Did anyone think we would spend money on a feasibility study from some jock professors from UNH who will tell us how good excercise is for us.....our well-being...our higher taxes....this import of college ringers is a travesty How about a local feasibility study based on local knowlege, not downstate sports professors.
We need to see who will use the building, how many staff it will take, annual costs, facility sharing instead of ITS MY TURN to get a building.. If the BOS has a practical bone in it's body, it will bring this sideshow to a screaming halt, and keep it local.....our T A and our Rec Director cooked this up, have already made a trip to UNH.....the BOS must tell them what we want studied, and by whom.. What a waste of our time.

Anonymous said...

When I read the comment noted at 9:30 p.m., I wonder if some folks in M'boro have considered erecting a wall and moat around the Town and beginning anew with reinventing the wheel.

Hate To Be Had. said...

Trust that the BOS remembers the last UNH collated report It was the Village Charette, which had a fair turnout, 35 or so, but was a facilitated meeting where several groups spoke concurrently, and no one could hear the whole thread. Three months later a multi page glossy report came rom UNH. Final result for that plan was a question in the Master Plan Survey, where 683 people were asked if they believed the charette report. Only 10 % did.
An important point here is the fairness issue. If they try to manipulate us into this project, they will get a well deserved backlash.

Grumpy said...

to the Anon at 11:06
One thing the first Anon did not mention but I will is that the people from UNH are well versed on the topics of Job Justification. They work it everyday, being on the Gov't teat. As our TA and Rec Director have never likely held a private sector job that required something in the profit line at the bottom of a balance sheet my guess is they are willing to have anyone show us taxpayers a study that will support their hopes and dreams.
Before we get too far into another attempt at one more gym/senior/multipurpose/whathaveyou center we ALL should look at the Meredith "wishful thinking" facility. They have shut down the senior use for lack of money to rent their space by the few seniors who used it. And from the rumor mill they are struggling to get much use to justify the initial costs of the building and the annual costs of running and maintaining said project.
When are we going to learn?

Anonymous said...

Some in town think their still living in the big city and need all these bells and whistles and the higher taxes that come with them. Heck most of us moved to Moultonboro to get away from all that we like the quiet lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Then there are others in Town that want it all and don't care because they are not paying. Just sock it to the folks that cant vote. Its a big shame and unfortunately that group is speaking more loudly and tipping the scales. I am disgusted.

Anonymous said...

What is a shame is that you forget that just because you don't want something doesn't mean that others agree with you. Many do want a community center and improvements to the area and are willing to pay a few cents more in taxes. You will never be satisfied no matter how much proof you are provided. You do not speak for all the town thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

And you, Anon 4:03, do not want to see NEED before spending the big bucks??? We are not talking about "a few cents" here, either. So far, our esteemed leaders in this crusade have not shown us the NEED....that is all we've requested.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 4:03--didn't the voters determine that we didn't want a rec center three years ago? How much more proof do you need?

Anonymous said...

Hey yourselves, neggy anons. ( Neganons?) I see a need and many others do as well. You won't believe it unless it drops on your head. Bring your voters to town meeting and we'll bring ours. See ya in March!

The Case for SB2 said...

So anonymous @ 5:32 the strategy is to wait until the snowbirds leave town and pack Town Meeting with the school crowd all their friends and relatives and vote through a 3.5 million dollar gym/community center we have yet been shown is NEEDED? Same strategy as last March's Town Meeting when you "wanted" sidewalks and darn near succeeded in getting them?

You wait until voters leave town than you ask for whatever you and the gimme crowd "wants."

If this doesn't make the case for why SB2 is needed in this town nothing will.

Not Nice said...

Posted at 5:32. The attitude dripping from your message makes you a poster child for SB 2. Can you explain why you feel we are required to provide recreation for your children ? Do you have the facts on usage and cost, or is it an " I want " ?

Not Many.. said...

Posted at 4:03. " Many do want a community center...".
The last sizable official survey on that was last years Master Plan update survey. 683. Responded, about twice the number the annual town meeting turns out. By about a 2 to 1 margin they said no more land for recreation, no more facilities for recreation. That is as large a turnout as you will see in this apathetic town, and a clear margin.

Anonymous said...

683? Do they all come to town meeting? The only thing that counts is who turns up in March.

Anonymous said...

SB2 looking better all the time.

Josh Bartlett said...

I would say that one thing that counts is who shows up at the polls in March - either in person or as an absentee.
The previous commenter (8:58) makes a real good argument for SB-2. It is the only fair way for the voters to be heard. It does not restrict the folks who have to work on Saturday or the folks who cannot sit through six hours of Town Meeting.

Josh Bartlett said...

I would say that one thing that counts is who shows up at the polls in March - either in person or as an absentee.
The previous commenter (8:58) makes a real good argument for SB-2. It is the only fair way for the voters to be heard. It does not restrict the folks who have to work on Saturday or the folks who cannot sit through six hours of Town Meeting.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

SB 2 ...absentee ballot voting ... snow birds ... more participation.

Rather than wait for March meeting, when snow birds are gone, how about a "special town meeting" for SB 2 adoption/approval?

1) Petition for "special town meeting" for SB2...RSA 39:3 need 50 valid signatures (while snow birds are here).

2)Authorization for voting SB 2;
"alternative method"
RSA 40:14,IX

RSA 39:3
"... In towns with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants upon the written application of 50 or more voters ... ,so presented not less than 60 days before the next annual meeting, the selectmen shall warn a special meeting to act upon ...any question ... specified in such application"

RSA 40:14,IX
IX. In the event that an alternative method for the adoption of official ballot voting exists under the laws of this state, then once the requirements are met for inclusion of the question on the warrant for annual meeting of whether to adopt this subdivision, neither the governing body nor the legislative body shall commence action to adopt official ballot voting through such alternative method until a final vote is taken on the warrant article. If procedures have been initiated to adopt official ballot voting under an alternative law of this state, then neither the governing body nor the legislative body shall commence action to adopt this subdivision until such alternative procedures are exhausted.

Petition for special meeting for SB 2

Tech Asst.
Rev. 05/08

NH Department of Revenue Administration
Municipal Services Division
P.O. Box 487
Concord, NH 03302-0487
(603) 271-3397

(Official Ballot Referenda)

What is the official ballot referenda?

It is a form of town meeting that has two sessions. The first session (deliberative session) is for explanation, discussion, debate and amendments to the proposed operating budget and warrant articles. The second session (voting session) allows voters to cast their votes for local elections, zoning articles and all warrant articles.
Why is it referred to as SB2?
The original bill proposing the official ballot referenda was Senate Bill 2 in 1995. Legislation in 2000, made “SB2” the official name for this official ballot referenda form of government.

How does a town adopt the official ballot referenda?

The local governing body must hold a public hearing at least 15 days prior to the question being voted on, (RSA 40:14, IV). The question as worded in RSA 40:14, V, “Shall we adopt the provisions of RSA 40:13 (known as SB2) to allow official ballot voting on all issues before the (insert local political subdivision) on the second Tuesday of (insert Month), is placed on the warrant for the annual meeting. Passage requires a 3/5 majority vote of those voting. At this time the month for holding the second session (voting) can be designated as March, April, or May.

When does it take effect?
It will take effect at the next annual or special meeting. If you are currently SB2 and vote to change the date of the second session to April or May, it will take effect at the next annual meeting [RSA 40:14, XI, (e)].


Anonymous said...

I would love to see SB2 get voted in, but I think many people in town who think it would be an answer to their "stop all spending" agenda are in for a rude awakening! Take a look at some of the voting records of other SB2 towns in the state! Be careful of what you wish for...

Taps For A T M said...

Posted at 7:35. Correct there...you can never fore tell how a vote will end up. The only goal is to get a big enough turnout so people will feel that the vote was a valid will of the community, not a gerrymander like the sidewalk issue. Year after year we have proved it is not possible to get 10% of the voters to turn out. They are not there, or can not sit thru 6 hour sessions. Anyone still against S B 2 is simply enabling a small voting block to have all they want. They dream of the past.

SB2 a Better Alternative said...

SB2 allows all registered voters to weigh in on all issues in the privacy of a voting booth. This is a better alternative then rolling the dice with only 202 voters making decisions.

This years sidewalk vote should be an wake up call. 101 voters came very close to pushing a $600,000+ sidewalk project. Now fast forward to March 2015. Do you want the same thing to happen when a vote is called for a 5 million dollar Rec/Community Center? Wouldn't it make more sense for more voters to have an opportunity to say yea or nay?

Having a capital project as big as the Rec/Community Center on the ballot (SB2) would allow more voters, absentee ballots as well to cast a vote and have a say.