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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Village Vision Committee Continues to Make Progress

The VVC met this past Tuesday and worked their way through a list of categories as they head toward a broad vision for the village area of town. A primary question arose early in the discussion which was what do we call it? Moultonboro Corner was suggested as that was the historical name for the area intersected by Rt 25 and 109 at the Old Country Store, as was  simply Moultonboro Village.
Parking was also discussed  along with the obvious question of people need a reason to come here to park. What will bring people here?
Town Planner Bruce Woodruff made an interesting observation when he first visited Moultonboro prior to being hired. There are no signs anywhere pointing to where the town complex is located. It's hard to find unless you know where to look.
A discussion of "affordable and practical" for whatever is decided was on the table as was the fact that there are many people who would like to not see any change at all to the village and this needs to be included in the VVC's final report.
The role of the Heritage Commission was also discussed and the fact that they have apparently chosen to disassociate themselves from the VVC. It was decided that since the Heritage Commission was in the charge of VVC as approved by the Planning Board and the BoS, they would remain as an open seat on the VVC unless the charge is amended. The survey the committee previously approved was also discussed and at some point in the near future it will be distributed/mailed to the public as it is an important part of the VVC's work.
Community sewer and water was another topic discussed. What comes first or which is more important , was debated. There is the possibility of greater density in the area with either than with neither. There would be greater density possible with a community sewer than community well, but both would have the same increased density effect. Chair Ken Bickford spoke with the town of Sandwich and provided information to the committee on their community septic system which was built in 1987  for $2.3M with a 50% Federal subsidy and has a capacity of 50 connections. It was explained that there are no such funds available today.
Where a potential  leach field would be located as also discussed and the current Lamprey Septic acreage and the parcel behind Murphy's convenience store were possible locations.
A panel will be brought in for next meeting to discuss water options for the village.
Josh Bartlett will work with Bruce Woodruff to create an inventory of all structures within the defined village area.
Finally, underground utilities were discussed and agreed it would be a difficult and expensive challenge but a desirable element for the look of the area. If or when it happens is any one's guess, but it will be a long way down the road in all probability.
The VVC will do a village walk on July 15th at 6pm followed by their regular meeting at 7pm in Town Hall.

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Anonymous said...

I suggest that this Meredith Waste System Committee Report be read before considering community water and waste systems for the village.
If my reading comprehension is functioning, 69% of the operational cost was paid by the taxpayers at the time, 2010, of the report.