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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, August 25, 2014

A few more reminders

I forgot to mention in the previous post that the CIPC public hearing will be held in the Library program room.
And....there will be a Master Plan Transportation issues focus group on Wednesday at  5pm Town Hall


Busy Times.. said...

Master plan Transportation Focus Group...is this come-one, come- all, or do I have to wait by the mail box for my invitation?
Glad we are now using " focus groups " instead of being manipulated in Charrettes. Only 10 % of the respondents believed the result of that charrette.
Will be fun to see the UNH professors run focus groups for the gym needs study. We are being looked out for...the Town Administrator wants privacy for us in these groups...no cameras ... O well, we will not be Charretted.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

A sad state of affairs - so many feel the need to publish comment and show how uninformed they are. Welcome to the blog world - all talk, but nobody shows up to participate and do any work. Blog readers seem to think the blog is fact, even when it is fiction. Fox TV anyone? We get what we deserve.

Something's rotten in Denmark said...

Without cameras at these focus groups Carter and the Selectmen can spin this anyway they want and we (the public/ taxpayers) will never know.

Pretty lame, the whole thing smells.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ignorance, you must have wonderful bliss, as it certainly is NOT confused by facts. Boring technique...lay a big smear on the opposition...even FOX them. Please do not crap on the only open communication we have on town governance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ignorance is Bliss, spoken like a true Progressive. All rhetoric and no facts to back up your claims. We get what we deserve when we listen and elected folks like you with a my way or the highway attitude.