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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Carroll County Sheriff Race

I posed a question to Shawn Coope who is running for Carroll County Sheriff in response to his statement at a recent meeting that he could cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Sheriff's department budget. How will you do it was my specific request. I forwarded this response to Sheriff Richiardi who is seeking re-election and await his response.  Here is a link to the article in the Conway Daily Sun mentioned below.
As there are no other candidates for this office, the winner of the September 9th primary will be assured to be the next Sheriff of Carroll County.
Of interest is that there was a Sheriff & Dispatch sub committee that met  August  26th 2013 ( minutes can be found here) February 17th  2014 ( minutes can be found here ) , March 11th 2014 ( minutes can be found here) as well as March 20th 2014 ( minutes can be found here).
Video for most of those meetings can be found  on GovernmentOversite.Com.

Lastly, Mr. Coope has asked to attend our next BoS meeting on September 4th at 7pm to introduce himself.

Shawn J Coope has responded to your question posed on Democracy.com:
"Hi Paul, Thanks for the interest and the question. My goal is to actually do much better than that. The Conway Daily Sun ran a "meet the Candidates" article on my race. It is a great read, I think it would tell you all you need to know. If you like what you see please pass it around. What I do no is that it took me just a short period of time as a candidate to realize that our budget is much higher when compared to our peers. The sheriff's budget here in Carroll County is about 2.6 million and serves about 48,000 people. Belknap manages to serve 63,000 with a budget of around 1.9 million, close to a $700,000 difference. Grafton County serves a population of 82,000 with a budget that is $300,000 less than ours. and Strafford County serves a population of 124,000 with a budget of just 2.2 million. Sullivan County has a population directly in line with us and has just a staff of five, that's including the sheriff, Sheriff Richardi says he requires 12, more than double. Based on my experience and training I am certain that I can make cuts that bring us in line with our peers while actually improving performance. I just spent the last two days in Moultonboro walking into various businesses. I would also encourage you to speak with your police chief, I think you will like what he will say. In closing I hope this answers your question. I would love to speak with you, my office number is 515 - 1363. I look forward to hearing from you........Shawn"


Mt. Rattler said...

I had a very insightful conversation with Mr. Coope last Wednesday evening. I found him to be very fast talking, with all the usual talking points laid out in a very Coherent and formalized presentation. However, I did find out that Mr Coope is still with Homeland Security, and the U.S Marshals service. I asked if he were to be elected, whether he would resign of those positions. I found his answers to be less fulfilling and believable. I find it a conflict of interest in relation to the residents of Carroll County. My question to the people of Moultonboro, is this: I understand cutting inflated budgets, however, do you want a Sheriff, with the powers that the position of Sheriff holds, to be loyal to the needs and wants of the People of Carroll County, or to the wants and needs of the Federal Govn't ? There are to many hands excepting Federal silver these days, but if we are to have a man in such control of our county , I want his loyalties to be first and fore most to the Constitutional authority and sovereignty of the State of New Hampshire. That my friends is the proper and fore most line of defense against intrusive government. We are a sovereign State, unionized with fifty others to form these United States. If Mr. Coope can pursued me that his oath is to the people, rather than outside influence, than perhaps he stands a chance. For me, I can see that his back has been scratched, and he will return the favor to those of his outside friends, if he carries the weight and influence of Sheriff in such a strategic location as the heart of the Live Free or Die State. Publius.

Len Wetherbee said...


While I do not believe that Mr. Coope was implying that I have endorsed a candidate for Sheriff in Carroll County, I want to make it clear in my position as Chief of Police in Moultonborough that I have not and will not publicly endorse any candidate for office. My vote has always remained private and will continue to do so.

Mr Coope stopped by this week and we had a very frank discussion, I have also had open and frank discussions with Sheriff Richardi. You will find that I have positive comments regarding both candidates. I feel the county is lucky in one respect as it is my personal opinion that both men are honest and honorable. This is a race that in my mind is purely based on issues. I wish both candidates the best of luck.

Len Wetherbee

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Chief, Thank you for clarifying. I took the note from Shawn as you did and I should have clarified that point in the post. I am sure you will work productively with either gentleman that is elected.
I also wish both candidates the best of luck.

Grumpy said...

Anyone who has the ever expanding costs of a dept. as a priority to get back in line with the rest of the free world is near and dear to my heart. I don't care that he has experience with other levels of govt. Don't forget the county is still trying to figure out what happened to some $900K that is just a "bookkeeping error". Maybe we'll see some frugality at the county level. Every dollar they spend (or lose) takes 25 cents out of Moultonborough's pocket.

Mellisa Seamans said...

There is also a candidate profile article in a past issue of the Carroll County Independent. Not sure if it differs from Conway Daily Sun.http://www.newhampshirelakesandmountains.com/Articles-Carroll-County-Independent-c-2014-08-13-159501.113119-Carroll-County-Sheriff-candidate-profiles.html

Anonymous said...

If he is with Homeland Security getting federal dollars, either directly or indirectly, that sounds like a federal election law violation.

Mt. Rattler said...

Hmmm. I'd like to know where his income originates from. Maybe Mr. Coope could show some transparency there, to prove there is no possible violation that would take place, just a thought. We could only hope that an honorable man could lay it out on the table.