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Sunday, August 17, 2014

CIPC Final Draft Report Online. Public Hearing Set for August 28th.

The draft report can be found here on the Town website. The CIPC will meet once more on  August 21st at 1pm  before the August 28th  public hearing.
As per the draft report "The sum total of all projects recommended is $10,816,114.00 for the six year program (capital spending year plus five planning years) with $1,589,636.00 of this programmed  for 2015. These figures are presented in comparison to last year’s report totals of $9,257,676.00  along with $1,373,535.00 that was recommended to be programmed for 2014."
This was my first year on the CIPC and despite many meetings and presentations, the process ran very smoothly. This was due in great part to Richard Brown who had chaired the committee until he resigned at the end of June and the late Peter Jensen who was there from the beginning. The CIPC would not be as efficient and effective without their contributions.
Next steps after the public hearing is to present the report to the BoS in September and then it's on to the budget preparation process this fall.
Keep in mind that the CIPC while a statutory committee, still only makes recommendations to the governing body who in turn will then determine the final budget. Then it's up to the legislative body at Town Meeting to approve, reduce, or vote down.


Must Read.. said...

The town website has this complete report. Item # 61...pages 17 and 18 refer to the proposal to build the rec gym. It has a factual review of the previous 2011 Blue Ribbon Report, and how it is no longer pertinent. This is a must read for the town hall closet. Thanks to the CIPC for some sanity here.

Listen UP.. said...

We need to see what we can do to put some teeth in the Recomendations of the CIPC. Two or three years ago the T A made a big stink to make them just advisory. After watching his judgement over the past few years, especially the sidewalk fiasco, and our reverse sequence site or feas study for a gym, we need to be sure this committee is listened to.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

As Mr. Blogger correctly pointed out, the CIPC is a statutory committee, that provides ADVICE; ergo, an advisory committee.

All of the pertinent committees are ADVISORY, although their existence may be due to a town vote(legislative body)provided by state statute, or created by BoS.

The BoS is the governing body ... not the TA, nor the committees. The only boss to the BoS is the legislative body (most issues but not all ... not some statutory funding statutes).

CIPC Draft page 15:

"The CIPC is recommending nine of the thirteen projects in the Capital year. …ranked as priorities one (1) through eight (8), inclusive and priority eleven (11), as indicated in the attached 2015-2020 CIP spreadsheet document. Priority projects ranked ten (10), twelve (12), and thirteen (13) were not recommended by the CIPC for funding. Priority ranked project nine (9) was considered to have insufficient information for the committee to make a funding recommendation. Therefore, these designated projects are not included in the total amount on the 2015-2020 CIP spreadsheet."

page 20:


Thank you CIPC ... Good Job!

Some tidbits of the voting:
Scorer Hi-Lo Mean Ave.(median)

Paul 50-20 35.2
Josh 50-10 32.2
Jordan 48-10 33.4
Bob 50-10 34.5
Alan 45-11 30.8
Richard 48-16 32.6