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Monday, August 18, 2014

Dollar Tree-Dollar General-Family Dollar.

Hard to say who is going to come out on top in this epic battle of cheapo stores with the latest that Dollar General is outbidding Dollar Tree for Family Dollar. Who will be the dominant player in the dollar business?
It appears that at the moment we won't have any in Moultonboro. If you hadn't already heard, the proposal before the Planning Board for a Family Dollar store next to Tedeschi's was withdrawn by the applicant without prejudice at the last meeting. Prior to that, the Zoning Board denied a variance for a Dollar General proposed for the vacant lot across from Blake Road.
Can we survive without a dollar store in our town? Yeah of course we can, but why are so many opposed to one? Putting aside for a moment issues with location and traffic, is such a business appropriate anywhere in town on it's own merits? Does the modern day version of the "five an dime" have a place in our community?
I believe it does. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Yes!! As a parent in need of supplies for school projects, it would be very convenient to have it here. I don't know why it's not wanted, in my opinion we do have a need for some kind of discount store.

Cause and Affect.. said...

As of yesterday, Dollar General was the highest bidder for Family Dollar. They are reputed to be a good neighbor for a community...a normal community.. We are not normal here..$ $ much more money then brains..
The Family Dollar applicant took great pride in cheap...cheap pay, cheap building cheap landscaping. It would have been a mess for Moultonboro. Perhaps Dollar General will pick up on either proposed site, and try to meet our labyrinth cobweb exclusionary building codes...half the town walks around asking why no business here.. Attend a planning meeting, or a zoning board of appeals meeting...it is a crapshoot to be before them. Spend $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 for surveys, studies, architects, civil engineers...and walk away empty handed. Scary for new ventures, and old property owners too.

The Committee Said... said...

The Town Hall may be ahead of us on a site for a Dollar Store. During the meetings held to site the gym, the Town Administrator mentioned five times that he wanted to keep off the Taylor property we just bought...he wants to use it for commercial development. He needs to re-visit the report from the Taylor Use Committee, where by far the public response said open space. He needs to
" rest assured, this is settled matter". NOT

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

The dollar store in Meredith seems to be fine! By "fine," I mean the store and the community appear to be benefiting.

Is there a need for "dollar stores" ... I agree there is ... and a market!


Maybe "MoBo Village West" (Center Harbor line) would be better suited for a location. Dollar store patrons could stop by the soon to be "new Center Harbor Diner" (located in MoBo)while making a trip to the dollar store.

There's property for sale, access to high traffic count, and no mules (two and four legged) or historical barns to worry about.

If there are no requirements for variance, and zoning requirements are met ... let the market decide success or failure ... not a petition or ... see you in court!

Do It Right.. said...

Can you say " Architectural Review Board ". Need to get our knowledgable town planner to expound on this..
The way we work now, we are just one law suit away from a Dollar Store, with no say on how it looks...
Some fair middle ground may be another damn set of zoning rules, to give us a say on the appearance of a building. We can not rely on groundwater runoff for ever, especially when we tell them they need 28 parking spots, that causes the run-off.

Keep it nice said...

A dollar type store is a symbol of big box store blight. When you see one, it is usually along an ugly and congested commercial strip, or in a poor part of town. We have neither, so why start with a bottom feeder store? Agree with Joe, if it must be, push it towards the MoBo West Village. The store would get more customers there anyway.

Get Out..Look Around. said...

KICK THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD. So true here. The Family Dollar applicant actually threatened us with a metal building....the CAN.
The can would also look lousy in Center Harbor. Enfield N H had a great chamber of commerce sign up for two years, as they excavated to level a lot. " Enfields Future ". Now they have a metal building there , no setback, right on the Main Street...Family Dollar"
Enfields future.......boy are they screwed.

Anonymous said...

Drive by the Dollar Store in Meredith at least 2x's a week. Parking lot is always empty. How can the store survive with no traffic in a town the size of Moultonborough. Can't imagine why they want to come to our town. Makes one wonder.

Anonymous said...

To the Committee Said at 8:18 a.m

The TA is doing what the Site Study Team & Selectmen told him to do; “… to minimize the use of Site 3 in order to maximize the amount of Site 3 not used in order to maximize the economic development potential of Site 3 in conjunction with the Village Vision effort was agreed…”. As to the ATPUC, they noted many uses including Reuse of Existing Buildings “Commercial or Public”.

Time will tell but I like the BRC Site Study and Village vision process to date.

For Better Business Planning said...

I've been in the Dollar Store in Meredith. The store really is stocked with a lot of over priced items you can get elsewhere for less. It really is not a "general" type store, the foods are all canned or candies. I'd rather go to Heath's (right on the Town line and get better products, fresh produce at a similar or better price.

Considering Meredith has a Hannaford and a load of convenience stores, I'm not surprised that the Dollar store is not doing well.

It may well be that the Dollar General hope for the Moultonboro village store is that because the only competition is Murphy's that residents won't want to drive the 4 to 5 miles to get to Heaths and other stores in that area. I do wonder though.

The Facts. said...

Down the garden path... During the two site study meetings, no instructions were issued by anyone regarding preserving Taylor property for commercial..this concept was only stated by the T A...said it 5 times.
Economic development potential..what crap. If he was concerned about the economy, he would not be shoving a gym down our throat..
Have to admit tho, that it is nice that we finally get a participant on this site, from the closet.
We need to be wary...the T A wants to play economic devo...with our money.

BRC. 2 years Gone said...

Posted at 10:37. You should have attended the " B R C " site study....your judgement is in doubt if you approved that three hour quickee siting a $ 6,000,000 project , without a properly appointed building committee, or participation of the Police chief on traffic and security, and participation of our highway agent, who always ends up holding the bag for all public buildings, roads, potholes, and cemetaries.
The main issue was the TA promise that each session would only take an hour and a half...wham Bam...$ 6 million. A chance to use this building, and the Taylor property together...NOT discussed. NO room for playgrounds..NOT discussed.
O well, it meets the big goal, get this, and the needs study out of the way in time for town meeting..

Anonymous said...

'Putting aside for a moment issues with traffic and location' ......as I recall at the meeting those were rather key issues? There were serious concerns about traffic, accident potential, sunset blasting the windshields of 25A traffic, lack of cooperation and dollars from DOT, light pollution for lake residents/rental property owners, drainage run off towards a neighboring church, and, most importantly, fire protection. The BOS were not getting basic information submitted from petitioner in a timely fashion. The Fire Chief expressed concerns about, in the absence of fire sprinkler system, absence of cisterns, then hoses would have to be stretched across 25A to the lake (might impact that traffic for more than a moment?). My favorite moment was when the petitioner group's attractive young lady engineer got up to present her report, a much older town father rubbed his hands together and said, 'this is the part of the presentation we have been looking forward to!' The fact that she only recalled doing one soil perk test over a dozen acre site did seem too important. PS. To anyone so short-sighted as to think a slightly shorter trip for a notepad and a few pencils is a good trade off for adding a cheesy eyesore to our historic town must be a proponent of Common Core.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, if there were some compromise, it could fit into our community. I'm of the opinion that we should attract business, but can certainly agree that their typical box store doesn't fit in. As for selling junk, I think our own country store sells enough china made "goods", designed to sell instead worth while products made to last.

It's NOT over.. said...

Last nights Z B A meeting confirmed that the Dollar General interests have filed suit to to have the next court review the decision that denied their plan to build on Rt 25 opposite Blake Road. This may give us a Dollar General, of the design they want, as we do not have zoning regs authorizing an archetectural review board.
If this is reversed, Many property owners, with land for sale, may find some hope that they can sell without concern of being held to a storm water runoff standard that no one can meet.
The ZBA produced a popular ruling, but it seems to be based on junk science.

Anonymous said...

Junk science? Go on...