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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Former Dam Ice Cream Shop now Chocorua Park

Maybe they should call it the "dam" park?
 In the last Village Vision committee, audience member Nancy Wright mentioned this new park when she was up in that area the weekend before. I drove up to have a look and it is still a work in progress, but one can see the possibilities.
The Dam Ice Cream shop property was bought by resident Peter Smart in an effort to protect the dam which is in serious disrepair and in danger of being abandoned and drained. The dam itself is owned by an abutter who is trying to sell.
The property was bought with private funds and the work to build the new park was done by volunteers. The vision was to create a public green space.
The area is not the quietest and the traffic on Rt 16 is at least comparable to our own Rt 25. Crossing the road is also a problem with so many cars and two intersections.
Much more info on this transformation can be found here on the Chocorua Park Facebook page and this article in the Conway Daily Sun.

This is the site where the "Dam Ice Cream Shop was  located

The Dam Ice Cream Shop just before demolition

Entrance to the new park on Rt. 16 looking north. Note the old style looking street
lamps and the little patches of brick. It is a theme carried through the entire area. 

Park bench under a street lamp on Rt 16.

Stairs down to the park accessed from the sidewalk. 

Nice view of the dam and the water sounds drown out the traffic noise

Looking south on Rt 16 toward Ossipee. Note the brick divider on the left .
 Approximately 15 parking spaces were carved out
along Rt 16.


Anonymous said...

Very nicely done. I see that funding (at least some of it) was provided by the EPA through the State of NH. Is Moultonboro Falls a similar area where a park could be situated? The Town already owns two abutting lots and the Conservation Commission is interested in the vast surrounding lot. I am not in favor of the CC acquiring that lot since the goal is to attract new businesses to the "Village" and that is an ideal site as it has significant frontage on Route 25 with two driveways. Time for the various Town boards to work together. Back to Moultonboro Falls ... one major problem is the proximity to the Sheridan Road intersection. Maybe the Park can be used to resolve the traffic issue, i.e. do everything at once.

Disneyland said...

We have to be careful talking about parks.....you will get another plastic playground, courtesy of our Town Administrator. The States Landing beach is going to be a plastic playground, tho it does not have the space needed for its primary function, waterfront. $ 1.7 mil and rising. If we put out a survey on all the town issues, a few should deal with questions on the T A's vision for S L B.

Survey - Please. said...

Survey Questions : we need to gather taxpayers opinions, in spite of the issue that we may interfere with all the plans coming out of the town hall closet.
Do you support adding architectural design standards to our building code.
Do you wish to see the Adele Taylor property kept as open space?
Is preserving the Taylor house an important goal?
Do you want a playground built at States Landing Beach?
Should we enlarge and provide night lights for the playground drive ball field ?
Do you support land purchases for wildlife transit trails?
Should the sidewalk issue be revisited, with a clean slate?
Are you in favor of buying more land and buildings for recreation ?
Do you support using town owned land, and town funds for commercial development?
Does Moultonboro need to change to fit a new vision?
Do you support soliciting federal money to help fund our wish list?
Is the pathways phase three completion worth the cost of $ 750,000 ?
Do you favor cluster zoning and smaller manufactured homes for your part of town ?
Do you wish to spend taxpayer money to attract more residents to Moulltonboro?
There are many more questions, that will probably not get asked.....we are supposed to be the silent majority.

Anonymous said...

I live in the State Landing neighborhood and want to thank the TA for bringing some attention to this long neglected town land. I've attended each of the work parties and planning sessions and found him and the Engineer to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully. Down here in our little corner we would give him two thumbs up.

Whole Pix O K ? said...

Anon, are you aware of the cost, ballooning to $ 1.7 million, with only $ 450,000 needed to clean the lake bottom? Can you justify that spending ?

Anonymous said...

Of course Carter's going to "listen carefully and respond thoughtfully", it's called job secuity. Carter needs to find some "make work projects" to justify his keep. Right now he's got a lot of irons in the fire $$$

Two thumbs up? you must be kidding.