Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moultonboro CIPC Meeting August 7th, 2014


That's Where The Money Goes said...

This session is a review of all the funding requested by recreation for capital projects. Building phase three of the pathway on the neck road was discussed. This needs $ 850,000 or so, with about 3/4 million provided by a federal grant, a program currently not funded by the Feds. No one mentioned just funding a sidewalk on one side. This has been bought up by B O S members. They had praise for the volunteer fundraising being done for the pathway. How many use it ? Another Moult Don't ask, Don't tell. Rec also has a beach cleaning and Disney-fi-cation project, and a proposed Gym too in the next few years...perhaps another $ 6 1/2 million. These gentlemen seem to have a handle on it.

A Real Gem said...

States Landing beach looks great. We saw several families enjoying the water and beach this past weekend. Beautiful piece of property and a real asset to the town.

Get Wet ? said...

Did you go in the water ?

Joe Cormier/ said...

Attention should be paid to the draft, of the potential capital expenditures.

Especially for 2015 and 2016.

Especially for lines 57-64.

Pay particular attention to line 87 ... a note on dollar estimate (low).

There's some good work being done by this committee! Pay attention! (as said, by some teachers, and other notables).