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Friday, August 15, 2014

Moultonboro School Board Meeting August 12th 2014

The full video of the meeting can be found here on the Town website. The BoS/School Board joint meeting begins at about 3 minutes in.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

The people ... voters!

The governing body is who we elect to set policy ... not committees. BoS went from three to five members, statutorily. Five people should be able to set policy; advice yes ... but... enough of the appeasement!

Maybe the ABC should have 200-250 members! Maybe it does ... !

Maybe the legislative body should intervene ... on both Boards! It, the legislative body, is not Advisory ... but prevailing and determinate.


Maybe MoBo should change the ABC process.

We know some people from Milton ..


Thank You ABC said...

I disagree with Mr. Cormier's comment. I went back and listened to the August 5th ABC meeting, posted on this blog. I also read the ABC's full mission statement and applaud the ABC for being proactive.

"The Moultonborough Advisory Budget Committee (ABC) mission is to provide the community and governing bodies with independent review and objective analysis of the annual budget. ABC’s review and analysis results will provide all groups, involved in preparing budget elements, with constructive recommendations on their planned budgets and spending practices.

Specifically, the ABC’s work should add assurance and confidence to all proposed budgets reviewed. ABC will review all budget proposals and proposed monetary warrant articles originating from the Town Administrator, Select Board, School Board and appointed committees. ABC will provide the respective boards and the public with recommendations supported by appropriate rational.

Moultonborough’s ABC operates under the authority of, and appointment by, the Select Board and School Board, as per recommendation of the Budget Committee Study Group issued on September 27, 2007. Membership consists of 6 (6) individuals: one School Board member, one Select Board member, one Library Trustee and three members appointed at-large."

The discussion on the upcoming school contract negotiations begins approximately 27 minutes into the August 5th meeting.

The ABC chairs says because salaries comprise 70% of the school budget, she felt the ABC was within their charge to offer 2 or 3 suggestions to the negotiating team. As a taxpayers I appreciate the ABC chair's suggestions and see no reason why doing so is an issue. The newest member of the ABC recently negotiated a school contract in another town and commented it would have been nice to have outside 3rd party suggestions.

Four members voted to forward the ABC's suggestions to the school's negotiating team. Of the 2 members that voted no, one is a teacher the other member's wife is a Moultonborough teacher.

Mr. Cormier, if you weren't at the ABC's August 5th meeting, you may want to watch the video and listen to the extensive discussion ABC members had on the issue.

Anonymous said...

The ABC is making suggestions not setting policy. Joe, do your homework and get the facts straight!

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"The ABC is making suggestions not setting policy. Joe, do your homework and get the facts straight!"

Which facts that I stated are incorrect? The NH statute. The website mission statement? Speak your mind but, state what you disagree with.

"The ABC is making suggestions not setting policy."

I never stated they were making policy statements ... overtly. My point is it has no business making suggestions that are "veiled" policy statements, as though it knows better than most.

Does it mean the Boards aren't bright enough to operate without governance "pearls of wisdom" from the ABC?

Comments, to the respective Boards, behind the scenes would be productive ... maybe. It does not discount the ABC has no business publicly displaying opposing present process, procedure. What about the department heads, who cannot comment publicly. Are they that incompetent!

"... see no reason why doing so is an issue ..." Apparently some of the BoS objected, as I do.

I don't object to what the ABC said at the meeting ... I don't care what it said at the meeting.

My point is the ABC mission is budgetary ... not governance ... no matter what is thought.

"... review and objective analysis of the annual budget"

"Budget Committee Study Group "

... impressive, surely another omniscient committee!

"ABC operates under the authority of, and appointment by, the Select Board and School Board, as per recommendation of the Budget Committee Study Group issued on September 27, 2007"

It operates because the legislative body allows it, per state statute ... and can be eliminated the same way.

Thankyou Beancounters said...

Joe, here is a couple of lines of common sense, which is much more important then.....
We need to thank the CIPC, and the ABC. There isn't another body, that knows more about the town, or puts in more hours for the town. They work in public....video of their meetings available...are the opposing views aired in public? Do your statues control the conduct of our T A?
I would like to hear every thought from these committees, and as an adult, I can pick out what makes sense for us. Stop shooting messengers, think where we would be without them.

Anonymous said...

Joe, do you really want to leave it to Carter? I rest my case.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

I've not made negative comments regarding the CIPC ... quite the opposite. I feel it does great work.

For your enlightenment ... on ABC activity and published documentation of their meetings ... not exactly an archive! Don't get lost in the dates.

The Town website ... under the control of Town staff ... the website ... not the Staff.
Great website in my estimation. Blame the TA for that as well.


"... knows more about the town ... "

Solution or problem?

"... Do your statues control the conduct of our T A?"

Actually, the statutes do provide for control of the TA ...( as well as the statues).

It's done by the legislative body (voting) electing a BoS, to govern the town, that includes hiring town employees, like a TA.

It is the BoS's duty to govern ... especially advisory committees. Employees are under more BoS control and influence. Maybe it, the BoS is the real culprit! I don't think so. I sympathize with it ... having to deal with us ... and still govern.

Why aren't we debating and reviewing the 2013 Annual report? The budget and warrant articles are there for all ... forget it already? Try reading it.

Page 34 Article 21 and Article 22: fireworks use.

The ABC votes NO, unanimously, on both articles. What the hell does the ABC have to do with fireworks use ... totally, a governance issue, not a budgetary issue.

But the pre-town meetings and the official town meeting, in all their pageantry, present the ABC as a source of knowledge on ...fireworks? The BoS were probably surprised at the voters that spoke against fireworks. The BoS didn't pass the new ordinance ... we, the voters did , in spite of BoS.

Now if we can get them to fix the old noise ordinance!

Wait, just had a flashback from the town meeting! A wink and a nod across the room to let someone know how to vote! Not a clue on the issue ... but has been in town for a long time. Another sign across the room ... take note on who's voting against us!

SB 2 my-*ss

Thank God, (she's smarter than the ABC) that there were enough legislative body members, and some BoS, to vote differently.

"Joe, do you really want to leave it to Carter?"

I want the BoS to manage the TA, and the pertinent committees, any/all , to what they see as the issues that need to be dealt with, prioritized, ... and make use of the talents, knowledge, and expertise that a TA has been hired to exhibit.

People do not change ... but behaviors can be modified; e.g., less moderator role, more facilitator role.

Some like myself, that don't really give a damn for too much "smoozing," can still be influenced to temper instincts of WTF!

If there are opposing views of a Town employee or committee performance under statutory control of the BoS, complain to the BoS ... BUT ACCEPT THEIR VIEW ... or get rid of them as well.