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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Moultonboro Selectmen Meeting August 7th, 2014

The video of the meeting can be found here on the Town website.


U N H Rec Feasibility Study said...

The first part of this video features two UNH recreation professors explaining how they will execute a feasibility study exploring the need for, and the financing of a proposed recreation gym. They were well versed by our T A, and refered to the Emails exchanged several times. They are well prepped for this independent study. They made it clear that the sucess of. this study depended on the BOS turning out enough participants for a half dozen focus groups, of 8 or 10 people, and turning out hopefully 200 voters at a general meeting with an electronic instant voting system. Several in the audience reminded them of our chronic apathy and poor attendance, but they will do the best they can with whoever shows up. They usually work with much larger towns.
An audience member also pushed for a mailed survey, to reach more voters on the issue. They will consider it if there is time. Others Reccomended they canvas the school, and surrounding towns, to look at facility sharing.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to our T A for being the first to step forward to fully comply with the spirit of our new Ethics Ordinance.

Moult Mission Creep said...

The U N H professors said the final output of this U N H Rec Feasibility study will be a power-point presentation..
We get nothing in writing for our $ 5 to $ 10,000 bucks?
They probably plan to screen it up at town meeting.
This will be a aqward to useless format to preserve for further use. We will hear..." The video said " as bits and pieces are used to prove our need for this rapidly growing building. All indications are that it will be larger then the Rite-aid in Meredith, and larger then Cru-con..

Sunlight...Progress said...

Ethics Ord...the mechanics of this public protection will be kept in a book on the town hall BOS desk. Anyone who is elgible of ' insider trading percs " is to discuss it with the BOS, and then it will go into the book, for all to see. I will be in weekly to read the book.
Another example of this ethics ordinance may hit the book soon, the Conservation Commission is investigating how to conserve a piece of ground on a local pond, where some committee members have homes. If this uses public funds, the new ethics disclosure may apply.

SNAFU said...

This BOS meeting video, and the site study meeting last Monday afternoon show us how much damage has been done by manipulating this thru Town Meeting, in a twisted sequence. Normally, if a town meeting recognized a need by a ballot, the next step would be selection of a knowlegable building committee. The rec dir, a well driller, a couple of construction men, a school rep, a dirt man.......and this group would professionally plush out basics for presentation to another town meeting. Topics would be budget, site, size, security, usage between gym VS community center, and many other topics needing professional opinion. This would go back to town meeting.
In an effort to manipulate this thru town meeting, the wisdom of a building committee has been lost, the committee has not been formed, and many decisions are being made piecemeal by an administration who's reach far exceeds their grasp. This is why we always play catchup, repairing past mistakes. We are still on that sorry path.
Without a request from the voters for a building, you would not form a building committee...waste of time. BUT tasks that a building committee must cover, are being pushed thru. The taxpayers need this safeguard of knowlegable guidance..in the proper sequence.

Unseen Options said...

Another example of tunnel vision occurred Monday afternoon, as the T A stated five times he wanted to save the Taylor land for " commercial development " this is clearly against uses Reccomended to the Taylor Use Committee. The public mostly requested it be kept as open space..a Town Green.. The Muster-field....Concerts, art shows, Farmers Market, Dog. Obedience demo's, Craft fairs could use an open field, with plenty of weekend parking at the M A. Integrating this with a proposed gym site is a golden opportunity being ignored. If the rear of the proposed gym opened up on the rear of the Taylor land, it could provide restrooms and sheltered space for functions using the grounds.
If this is worth a $ 6,000,000 expendature, the voters will have to decide. ..but let's not loose this option to short-sighted manager.

Anonymous said...

A building committee(s)brought us a proposed $1.5 million addition at the Transfer Station, the sinking slab and parking lot at the Public Safety Building and problems at Town Hall. Let the UNH folks do their work and I suspect this will be the end of the whole debate. Nuff said to me.

LaughingAll The Way To The Gym said...

YES. We are probably better of having 2 strangers come up from U N H and chart our path. Be sure and come out and see the power-point presentation you bought. Bring a recording device too, incase you have to reference the report in the future.
OPPS. Maybe your view was ' tounge in cheek " was I taken in ?
Need to clarify Town Hall. There are no structural problems at town hall, that I know of, tho there are many issues in the closet.
Atleast all the proceedings will be available here in video on this blogsite, so we may do our own inturpretation. Sunlight shrinks wiggle room.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"Another example of this ethics ordinance may hit the book soon, the Conservation Commission ..."

It should be noted that the ethics code does not pertain to any member, of any commission or committee, that is not a "town official or employee". There are legal definitions ... or are there?

Both the town ordinance and the state statute upon which it is designed, specically state "official or employee".

The BoS are "officials; the TA is a town employee.

Town ordinance #21: ethics ordinance:


RSA 31:39-a Conflict of Interest
State law, not town ordinance.


What is the definition of "town official"?


Not to be confused with members of those defined in RSA91-A:1-a, under NH's version of the Right-To-Know laws.


Can hear it now. Why burden the blog with state laws?

Can't we all just get along!

Sure! ... said the spider to the fly!

It's a Puzzlement said...

The 2 UNH "experts" should view Superintendent Noyes power point presentation, The New Normal. It may give them a more accurate picture of what is projected, in the next several years, by the "experts" in Concord. The power point presentation was taped and can be found on this blog.

Who are we building this money pit for? Can't be for the kids, their numbers are declining. Can't be for seniors, their numbers are also declining. A good many of them don't winter in Moultonboro.

So who are we building this money pit for?

Strange Bedfellows.. said...

Puzzlement, Our local realators are looking out for us. They work closely with our Town Administrator, and assure us that anyone looking to buy a house really needs to know that the town has a Rec Gym. Anything to make their lives easier.

Anonymous said...

Does "IT'S MY TURN" have a familiar ring? Think hard and you'll figure out the answer.

Anonymous said...

Strange Bedfellows' remarks have zero basis, and are truly ridiculous. By the way, it's realtor, not realator.

Anonymous said...

Here is a scenario that I think is very likely in the next decade or more: if those residents who want an expensive facility could foresee what the consequences of reduced school enrollment and a reduced population will have on the ability to pay for the facility and to maintain it! I can picture folks in 10-15 years, shaking their heads, saying "What the h*** were they thinking??? Now we have a white elephant that is hardly used, and we have to maintain it! Holy ****!" This is no joke, but a very credible outcome if we don't abandon this gotta have it now, hedonistic way of thinking and doing.