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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, August 25, 2014

Moultonboro Selectmen Meeting August 21st 2014

Video of the BoS meeting of August 21st 2014 can be found here on the Town website.

Some highlights: The BoS approved by a 3-2 vote  to amend the ABC charge. The ABC charge had previously included a review and comment of the collective bargaining agreement for the School District. The amended charge includes review of the "governing bodies" ( Town and School Board) CBA's after they have been negotiated since the Town now has the Moultonborough PD union.
There was extensive discussion of the role of the ABC in voting on all warrant articles vs. just those that are monetary articles. The charge specifies all warrant articles appearing on the Town and School warrant articles.
The ABC issue was followed by a lengthy discussion of the proposed UNH BRC feasibility study. A major issue was about the focus groups being open to the public to observe. I was strongly in favor of keeping the session open, but the BoS voted to keep the groups in closed session by a 4 to 1 vote. In addition, the School Superintendent will be invited to be part of the "oversight" team to include a member of the RAB, Recreation Director, Town Administrator, School Board member, and BoS member. I will represent the BoS with Joel Mudget as alternate.


Anonymous said...

About 10 in the audience for this meeting, a larger then average number, tho no real increase in the VIX...just the regulars who have an intrest in governance. 10 out of 4,000 or so...kind of gives town hall a free rein.

Details... said...

A couple funny points...Wakefield referred to the Town Administrator as their clerk. Maybe they are beginning to realize that the T A should NOT be the town manager.
The BOS also voiced a couple of times that they all had 40 hour per week jobs, and could not micro-manage. Extremely true, so many meetings, reports, studies, and minutes to read...takes 3 or 4 hours per day. This points out how important it is to have a town administrator who is in sync with the citizens and why we are here. A change it that staff position would cause a temporary work increase, but a true solution for the long run. Long past due.

Apathy or agreement? said...

If attendance during the summer is small at BOS meetings, when the most people are in town, perhaps we should conclude that except for a vocal minority, tax payers believe things are going well.

Anonymous said...

Apathy, I think the latest online master plan update indicated otherwise. The BOS and all of the committees/boards are gearing up to expand the town facilities and services both of which were rejected by the update. The boards and committee membership have been stacked with members in favor of these initiatives so they progress.

Silence does not always mean consensus said...

Apathy or agreement.....guess you could say the same about DC. Often times it takes a crisis before before the voters wake up and realize there are politicians only interested in what's best for them and their lobbyist friends instead of doing the right thing and representing their constituents.

Silence does not necessarily mean all is well. Could be it's the calm before the storm.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Apathy or agreement? said...

"If attendance during the summer is small at BOS meetings, when the most people are in town, perhaps we should conclude that except for a vocal minority, tax payers believe things are going well."

A BoS meeting is a "governing body" meeting ... not a "legislative body" meeting.

The possibility exists, of an understanding of MoBo dynamics and politics (and human nature), that frequenting the BoS meetings may be an exercise in futility, for those issues that are already "hot buttons".

Non-"hot-buttons" ... sure ... do what you want!

Maybe, that explains the perception of some, that believe the BoS are not "Leading" when they say ... let the town meeting decide. Personally, letting the town meeting decide, on "hot buttons," is a preference, that has merit and wisdom.

Speaking personally, Selectmen Wakefield made the correct observation in his statement regarding the Gym. It will be decided at the Town Meeting.

I would add, no matter what the feasibility study comes up with, notwithstanding the UNH folks, and focus groups. Additionally, there will more than likely, not, be another "shot" at SB2 this year.

Maybe the time would be ripe for a 50 person-registered-voter-petition, next APRIL, after the March 2015 town meeting, for a "special town meeting" to be held in JUNE, to vote, again, on SB2, when the "snowbirds" are back.

Then, again we'll have a new member to the BoS next year. Selectman Tolman should/will get re-elected (for job well done) and someone new will be elected, and fill Joel's spot.

Uninformed.. said...

Posted at 11:04. Thank god for. The vocal minority. If it wasn't for theme, you would own Mud Pond and 20 useless acres.....and a transfer station building triple the size....and sidewalks.....and a five million dollar gym on wetlands at the Lions Club. As part of the vocal minority, it gets damn tiring to have to keep chasing the same elephant around with a teaspoon. We need to stay all over the BOS to fix the source of the problem.

Please Answer Survey said...

Tune into this video at the one hour, 19 minute mark, and watch a couple of the vocal minority try to make a point. On the way to reach the most voters, for their opinion.
The T A has already announced it will be primarily Internet based, to keep on schedule for town meeting..citizens wanted more voters involved..for a valid, once and for all yes or no.

Protect our Voice said...

I see an effort to create some " wiggle room " for the UNH BRC facility study. It devalues it's integrity. The output will be a power point presentation, nothing in writing. This will be a difficult format to use as a reference guide, to be sure all hear the same music.
The focus groups, several meetings with invited groups of 8 or 10 stakeholders, will not be held in public.. This makes them subject to the UNH undergrads inturpretation., and takes away our audit trail.
The survey distribution will be primarily Internet imput, which tilts the scale to the younger generation, who were born on the computer. All voters and property owners should recieve the survey by U S mail, as proven to get us the best return, per the last two M P surveys
We must do our best to protect the integrity of the survey opinion system. It is the only tool that gives us a voter turn-out.

over and over and over said...

Why so we taxpayers continue to take surveys when the results of those surveys are dismissed time and time again? The answers are contrary to the power players opinion, so onto the shelf they go. Pull out the last few surveys and you have the answer. No more facilities No more recreation spending. This is nuts.

Josh Bartlett said...

Once again, I say that there is an opportunity to change things if we don't like them.

We will have the option of changing two of the Selectmen next March. They are Mr. Terenzini's supervisors and he can do nothing without their approval, either explicit or implicit.

There will also may be an opportunity to have every voter's voice heard if SB-2 is allowed to be voted on and passes with the required 60% majority.

Mr. Terenzini is a town employee. He answers to the Board of Selectmen. They answer to you, the citizens and especially the voters.