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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, August 8, 2014

Moultonboro Selectmen Retreat August 6th, 2014

The video of the BoS retreat can be found here on the Town website.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

OK ... where are the loon jokes?!

The TA books the Bos, for the Loon Center, for some "retreating", and they get off without snide remarks?

Just perused the video and it was good hearing the BoS "singing from the same hymnal"!


A serious note ... video demonstrates difference between ... facilitating and moderating ... think about it.

Anonymous said...

Having watched most of the video, these thoughts come to mind. It appears that based on the success story of the CruCon, the BoS look to the high tech industry to be the salvation of Moultonboro. First, I ask how many of the employees actually live in Moultonboro. I think the reality of the situation is that it just another retail operation that uses the internet as do all retail operations today. True high tech companies usually involve development of software solutions and the preponderance of employees are young. Young people want nightlife activity and there isn't much in this area. Secondly, the BoS seem to feel that the summer population is unique to the Lakes Region. It is not. The seacoast area of NH ((along with the other New England states excluding Vermont)has dealt with similar situations for decades. Third, the BoS all agree that one of the attractions of Moultonboro is the low tax rate but also want to expand the permanent population. Any expansion of the year-round residents has the potential to eliminate the tax rate advantage depending upon the mix, i.e, young singles versus young families with children versus retirees. Each category impacts the town budget differently. As an example, a large influx of young families with children will increase the school budget while a large increase in retirees may impact the demand for library, police and EMT services. Furthermore, expenses are usually split into fixed and variable categories. Building upon the prior example, a large increase in school age children will drive up the variable expense (teachers and support staff) portion of the school budget and at some point, the fixed portion of the budget may increase due to facility expansion. Demands from a large increase in retirees may burden the library requiring increased staff (variable) and eventually to o the point another addition is required. Young singles usually have the lowest impact on a municipality budget. The BoS face a difficult task in achieving the proper balance if they can influence the situation at all. The problem isn't restricted to Moultonboro as all of central and northern NH has experienced population declines and the projections indicate that it will continue.

Old Farts View.. said...

Don't worry, our T A is all over this. He told us to buy Mud Pond, to block a low cost housing project, that would bring in children to educate...$ $ $
No word on who would push my wheelchair tho.

Let's give credit to ONE entrepreneur who liked the area, and sited Cru-Con here. A bucket of fed and local incentives had nothing to do with it. Quality of life here is one small narrow issue at a time...clean up a beach..fix Holland Hill....Mow the roadsides.. A grand plan to merchandise the town with a sales pitch ....a poor return.

Anonymous said...

It might be helpful to get a sense of how many snowbirds leave for warmer climates and how long are they away once the summer season ends.