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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moultonboro Selectmen/School Board Agree on BRC Gym Facility Site

The BoS and School Board held a joint meeting Tuesday prior to the regular School Board meeting and a decision was made on a site for a potential gym/recreation facility per the charge from 2014 Town Meeting to carry out a site study as recommended by the Blue Ribbon Commission.
The BRC Site team met the day before on Monday ( video follows below) and unanimously agreed on the site finally chosen. It uses a relatively small portion of the town owned Taylor property which would preserve the remainder for use as open space or commercial development. The building itself would be sited on school property and could accommodate 110 parking spaces. In addition, an access road could be built from the site to route 25 providing a second access road to the Academy.


Anonymous said...

The one thing that should be seriously considered is a full size pool. I know there is the lake, but I have sen how a pool can be a huge advantage to a community, especially since we have such long winters. Do not discount the advantages....

Joe Dobson said...

I am quite disappointed in ALL of the selectmen.
This is a Recreation Complex by another name.
What a disgrace.
All of the selectmen should be ashamed of themselves.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

The site study group did a good job on selecting a site. Good facilitation ... less moderation!

The pending feasibility study will be a real test for the town ... do we want it or not?

Feasible ... defined as ... does it go to the Town meeting for approval? Maybe that's where the bloodletting will occur (ancient cure).

Swimming pool ... pools!

Now that the site has been recommended ... for size, contents, disciplines ... let's start changing the wish list. Maybe we can double the size, or footprint, of something we're not sure we want!

We need more than one pool ... one for kids, another for teens, another for the elderly ...you know ... those elderly that can't sit through hours of town meeting!No pool for "the parents" ... they're too busy pushing agendas.

A sauna would be nice ... dry or wet?

We could increase jobs by hiring massage therapists (careful).

Got to have aroma therapy ... some things stink.

We can get this all done with the $315,000 (let's reduce some more)that is in the draft for Capital Improvements. I'm sure this advisory committee, as with all advisory committees, is doing what it feels is "right", considering "circumstances". You know ... Live Free or Die ... but no sense in pushing fate.

OH Ya ... that's only an estimate ... may have nothing to do with reality.

The governing body and the legislative body are not advisory.

Don't understand why the BoS isn't peppered with petitions, from 50 registered voters, to hold "special meetings" on whatever is the issue du jour?

Legally, it would be required. But then, the legislative body might get a little too authoritative!

Guess What said...

Sit home, don't attend meetings ......don't contact or email the Selectmen....do nothing and guess what will happen.......A new multi-million dollar NOT needed facility $$$.....higher taxes $$$.....more staff $$$....maintanence of another town owned facility $$$$.....it's your choice $$$

Anonymous said...

Guess What is 100% correct....and if the taxpayers sit and do nothing, we will get a facility that we neither need and can ill afford. We are having something else shoved down our throats, and quite frankly, it really ###### me off!

Anonymous said...

As an aging adult quite frankly housing the Wellness Center here (Which can be a workout center for working people at nights) and a pool for low impact and cardio exercise for seniors (and all especially during our long winter months) would truly meet my needs.

Disgusted said...

If you were privy to the way the T A manipulated this thru, you would be twice as mad.

Anonymous said...

Quess What, I do attend the meetings and vote every election and lengthy Town meetings, I am frustrated because they manipulate
It all to their favor. At this point I just give up, I hate living in this town and have my home of 30+ years on the market. can't wait to get out of here.

Wish list said...

Anonymous @ 1:12 wants a pool? Here's my wish list; help with heat & electric bills, every year rates increase, it's hard to keep up. A new car, ours is on its last leg. Because of all the snow last winter the ice dams and water damage was more than usual, we really need a new roof.

Q T Around Town said...

We all need to remember that this whole issue was voted for at Town Meeting. The BoS are forced to go through all the motions of locating the best site for a gym. Now. All of you complaining.....were you there to vote against it? I was and did. By now we should all know the score. Gather all the supporters and get them all to Town Meeting to vote in favor of a gym etc. Or get them in to vote against it. Otherwise all the complaining is for naught as those that vote will get what they want, no matter the cost. I am in favor of SB2 but that's not going to help us come next Town Meeting. Are all you out there going to the BoS meetings and discussing this? Anyone sending emails and notes to them? These comments need to be made at BoS meetings not just here on the blog. Where is the money going to come from to build a gym?

Long time resident said...

Voters have no idea of the scope of this project. It is another MEGA monument of great size, particularly upsetting, as the usage numbers are not there. It will be 26,000 to 35,000 square feet, 20 to 40 % bigger then the new Meredith Rite-aid. Parking for 110 cars, and a septic system designed for 500 people. The whole project has an obscene scale, as compared to the usage figures. It is too large to allow outside playgrounds...no space. The idea there is to share playgrounds with the schools...something previously forbidden.
The shear size of this thing once again reinforces the fact that the two town employees running this show do not have an ounce of common sense. We should all be embarased that we have let this go on so long. A feasibility study, assessing need, would have shut it down, so they made it a site study. We are being used, poorly.

Proud of This ? said...

Q T...Several of us at the warrant article public hearing argued till 11:15 at night that they should first ascertain need, before starting building plans. The warrant was written by the Town Administrator, with the town attorney, and at the public hearing the BOS refused to change a damn thing. The twisted start clearly rests on the BOS shoulders.. The closet schemer knew a needs based vote probably would not pass, so he threw in an innocuous study that snuck thru to keep it alive. Worse yet, without a clear request to proceed further, a feasibility study has been commissioned to be ready in time for annual town meeting, to wrap this up before S B 2 passes. We are being used rudely.

Anonymous said...


It's How We Do It..$$ said...

Wetlands? Old stump Dump? Round sand deposit 40 ft deep? During the three hours, when the invited people sited the building, none of this came up. A properly appointed building committee would have questioned many technical issues of this nature. So far, we do not have that safeguard.

Simple math said...

A $6,000,000 facility with a property base of $2,686,898,771 means an increase in the tax rate of $2.16 for each and every $1,000 of property value. A $200 thou home would cost and additional $432 per year ( add 36 per month to the mortgage) Got a lake home of one million? An additional $2,160. Every 100 thou will cost you $216 a year. Add in the states landing and the other projects, maybe a few million more and we just bumped up the tax rate another buck or so. If the school costs keep rising add some more. We could be seeing a tax rate of $12 or more. The only way to afford to pay for these pipedreams is to borrow. Why the heck would we do that? There needs to be a pretty darn strong case to be made that we need any of these things because the stuck in the middle class can't afford it and I suspect that the seasonal property owners may balk at paying thousands more in taxes. Wake up people! Think and work the numbers.