"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Friday, August 22, 2014

"Performance Should Determine Your Vote" Nick Vazzana Democratic State Rep Candidate

Performance Should Determine Your Vote
According to Article I of the New Hampshire Constitution - “When men enter into a state of society, they surrender up some of their natural rights to that society, in order to insure the protection of others.” These words are meant to set the tone for a State Government that is created to serve the common good.
All of us can remember a time when State Reps were proud of the services, funding and assistance they brought to the voters, towns and businesses in their districts. Today, my incumbent opponents appear to have no philosophical interest or desire to use their office in serving the common good by helping our people or businesses succeed. Apparently, it’s just not their job anymore!
First, they say we should cut back on the role of government. Next, they claim government incompetence and waste … and then their conclusion: we shouldn’t even try to repair our local roads, provide inexpensive health care, protect women’s rights or encourage business.
It’s time that we elect Reps who speak and work for the people and towns of their districts. I hope to be such a representative. Our officials should only be rewarded with re-election for bringing services and assistance from Concord to our districts.
Nick Vazzana
Democratic State Rep Candidate
Moultonborough, Sandwich & Tuftonboro


Nancy Wright said...

I respectfully disagree with Mr. Vazzana's view that more government intrusion into our lives is the answer. I believe just the opposite is true, one only needs to read the paper or watch the news. Waste, fraud and abuse in our government is at an all time high. Our government has gotten so big and out of control agency's like the IRS, CIA, FBI, EPA, DOJ, etc, are to be feared not revered. And Mr. Vazzana wants more of this?

Government assistance was never meant to be a way of life but instead a safety net and helping hand for those in real need. The system is being abused and it's politicians with your mind set of I'm the government and I'm here to help, that have made things worse.

States and cities that indorse your philosophy are in very big trouble. They've led people to believe they're helpless victims and powerless unless government comes to their rescue. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your answer to the mess we're in is to surrender more of our natural rights. Mr. Vazzana, the country is in chaos because we have advocated our rights to politicians and a government that thinks they know best. It's painfully obvious they don't!

I do however agree with your statement "performance should determine your vote." That's why I will be voting for Rep. Glenn Cordelli.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Anyone running for state office, and quoting the NH Constitution should be specific about the cite ... and get it right!

"Article 1 of NH Constitution"
"“When men enter into a state of society, they surrender up some of their natural rights to that society, in order to insure the protection of others."

At least, complete the whole Article ... a part was left out:

"... and, without such an equivalent, the surrender is void."


State Constitution - Bill of Rights
Established October 31, 1783 Effective June 2, 1784 As Subsequently Amended and in Force January 2007

Part First--Bill of Rights
[Art.] 3. [Society, its Organization and Purposes.] When men enter into a state of society, they surrender up some of their natural rights to that society, in order to ensure the protection of others; and, without such an equivalent, the surrender is void.

June 2, 1784"

NH Constitution:


Try Part First, Bill of Rights Article 8 and Article 10 ... for a start!

Mt. Rattler said...

Mr. Cordelli will get my vote. Personally I have had enough of handing over my natural rights to people who support this nanny state we are in. Mr. Vazzana sounds like he supports the intrusive, hand holding ideology of the Democratic Party ( the GOP as well in recent years). Sir, we have had enough of your kind the last Decade. We don't want it any more, be kind and stay home. It's time we send Mr. Cordelli back, he is the only one out of the two from District four who is on track. Unlike RINO Crawford he has fought a good fight, is fiscally conservative, and does what he says. Vazzana, if you want go some where, go to Massachusetts, you may have a better welcome, you can hold their hands there. Kudos to Mr. Cormier by the way, I like the way you think.